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Coreen – Starting over.

Hello! Long time no chat. While I was happy to post that I’d started 2012 10lb lighter than 2011, I unfortunately cannot do the same this year. Over the span of two months last year I managed to gain 20lbs … Continue reading

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Tracey: Slacking, Running and FLYING!

Last time I posted, I was taking a self-imposed hiatus from my rigorous (well, to me!) workout schedule.  I decided to pull the brakes a little and do some coasting. The last two weeks, I think I’ve given myself a … Continue reading

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Katie: Vlog about scrapbooking and weightloss

Hi Losing it in Ottawa! I thought I would get a little ‘Kataroo’ crazy (yes I gave my own self a nickname, who does that? LOL) and do a little VLOG (video blog) for you.  Today’s video is about one … Continue reading

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Sherrilynne: the end (for now)

Welcome to my last post as a regular Losing It blogger.  Since I joined the team in late January I’ve done an eight-week tour of South East Asia, spent four weeks touring Europe and have packed in my life in … Continue reading

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Sasha – Funks and Finales

I pulled my groin. I’ve been having trouble writing this week’s post, and I needed a focus. So there it is: I pulled my groin. But the problem is, there’s nowhere to really go from there. I mean, nowhere you … Continue reading

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Sherrilynne – Week 24 – back to the grind?

The good news is I’ve lost an incredible seven pounds in the past two weeks!  Yay me!  Erm… the bad news is it was the same pound lost and gained seven times over. Yes, I am still stuck.  It’s been … Continue reading

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Sherrilynne – Week 16 – melting away

I’m writing this post while sitting in my cabin in a Vietnamese ‘junk’ boat cruising up the Mekong Deltatowards the Cambodian border. This is my home for the next two days and so there will little opportunity to get in … Continue reading

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