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Barbara – Compliance

A friend sent me a link to a report about the flaws of nutritional studies recently that contained some important “makes sense” information that I wanted to share with you. In Chocolate & Red Meat Can Be Bad for Your … Continue reading

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Katie: Reset

This week I found myself having one of those “talks with myself,”  where I tell it like it is and of course share it out there in the blog world. In short, I found myself in a state of panic … Continue reading

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Barbara – A few Easter eggs for you

I’m one of the lucky ones who has today off work and so, for me, Easter isn’t over and that is good for you because I’ve saved some of the treats that Twitter has to offer: @FitBottomedGirl posted a list of top 10 … Continue reading

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Jenn – a little reflection…..

It has been almost three weeks since the heel spur and plantar fasciitis stared in my right foot on February 20th.  Which also means that it has been almost that long since I have been to the gym or have gone … Continue reading

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Barbara – Don’t be afraid of the cold

Not surprisingly, since we’re in Canada in February, I’ve been having lots of conversations about the weather lately. People keep telling me that they don’t like to be outside when it’s cold. There are so many things to do outside … Continue reading

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Sherrilynne checking in

Hello again! You’ll remember me as the travelling Losing It blogger who reported in from all over south east Asia while walking my weight away.  My last post ran 20 September 2011 and in it I said that stopping as … Continue reading

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Barbara – I resolve to continue …

At this time of year, most of us look around at our homes, work and life in general and find the things that need to change. There are articles about setting SMART goals (specific, measurable. attainable, realistic and timely) – … Continue reading

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Katie: Shedding this old skin

Its been 3 days since I have stepped on the scale, and you know what it feels great! (well it did this morning when I wrote that but now its 9:30 at night, I am home from my travels and … Continue reading

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Katie: Maintenance?

Well I am very happy to report in that I finally reached that 100 pound loss milestone, that I had hoped to shout from Parliament Hill 2 weeks ago.  I blogged about it last week on my own blog with a list … Continue reading

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Katie: Strength Training an Introduction

I had hoped to title this weeks post 100 pounds lost!  How cool would that have been?  Somehow 98 pounds lost didn’t have the same ring to it…maybe someday soon. But 98 pounds lost is certainly no small feat and … Continue reading

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