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Barbara – Why are you doing this?

On Saturday, Reid and I joined some other Losing It ladies (and some of their awesome kids) for a Color Vibe run. The site reported that there would be no timing system because it was intended as a fun run. And, I have to … Continue reading

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Barbara – Role models

I talk about running a lot at home, just like I do here. The impact of all of this talk is evident in Reid. As I wrote last time, she was determined to run the 5K race on Race Weekend and … Continue reading

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Barbara – What my body says about exercise

Do you know how sometimes, when you’re not distracted by a dozen other things, you notice something that has been right in front of you for a while? I had this happen to me after my run last Sunday. I … Continue reading

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Barbara – Compliance

A friend sent me a link to a report about the flaws of nutritional studies recently that contained some important “makes sense” information that I wanted to share with you. In Chocolate & Red Meat Can Be Bad for Your … Continue reading

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Katie: Reset

This week I found myself having one of those “talks with myself,”  where I tell it like it is and of course share it out there in the blog world. In short, I found myself in a state of panic … Continue reading

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Barbara – A few Easter eggs for you

I’m one of the lucky ones who has today off work and so, for me, Easter isn’t over and that is good for you because I’ve saved some of the treats that Twitter has to offer: @FitBottomedGirl posted a list of top 10 … Continue reading

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Jenn – a little reflection…..

It has been almost three weeks since the heel spur and plantar fasciitis stared in my right foot on February 20th.  Which also means that it has been almost that long since I have been to the gym or have gone … Continue reading

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