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Tracey: The End of 2012

When I started looking back on the last year, all of the incredible adventures, challenges, faces and places made me smile a huge, beaming toothy grin. It’s been an incredible year. There have been lows, of course, but as in … Continue reading

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Tracey:Giving Back

As I travel along on this road to fitness and better health, I’m learning and growing all of the time.  It was very important to me, from the onset, to really embrace new knowledge, to accept new challenges, and to … Continue reading

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Tracey: Living The Lifestyle, Or, Truly Living?

As I embarked on this journey, one I’ve half-assed many times before,  I knew this time would be different for one very important reason.  I didn’t want this to be measured on a timeline where I set myself up with … Continue reading

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Katie: Strong Support

I spent the morning wondering about what I should blog about this week.  Something told me that you didn’t want to hear about me working out, blah blah blah…yes Katie we know you like to work out (wink).  So I … Continue reading

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Lara : Back in the saddle, but riding a pony

For almost a year I kept blogging on Losing It and felt like a fraud. I wasn’t actively trying to lose weight or be healthier and the requirement to blog felt like a noose around my neck.  So I quit … Continue reading

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Lara : weight loss apathy

When I was having lunch with Barbara a week or so ago we had a discussion about where I’m at with my weight loss journey and she brought up a point that pretty much describes exactly where I’m at and … Continue reading

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Karen – What’s your currency?

Week 45 It finally happened – I completely flaked on doing my LIO post last night and just realized it. I apologize and blame it on being fairly batterscrained lately. (That’s an actual medical condition, BTW. Totally. Look it up. … Continue reading

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