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Jenn – Thanks!

The past two weeks have gone well, I have stuck to tracking my calories in vs calories out, continued to keep my intake of water high (at least 16 8oz cups a day) and I have made it to the gym … Continue reading

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Sara – The Puking Christmas Tree

If my three-year old’s room wasn’t right next to the bathroom where we keep the scale there would have been much shouting and leaping about when I stepped on the scale last weekend and realized I’d lost fifty pounds. Instead there … Continue reading

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Sara – Week 41 – Celebrate

Last Friday was my birthday.  And unlike previous years where my birthday lasted weeks and months, this one thankfully only lasted a day. Because birthdays and holidays and special occasions have always been an excuse to eat. It’s my birthday … Continue reading

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Sara – Week 35 – Don’t you feel guilty?

I’m almost a month into my 10K Running Room clinic.  Six more weeks until my 10K.  And just for fun I signed up for the Share the Power of a Wish 5K on May 7th: I want to finish the race in … Continue reading

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Week 33 – Sara – There’s a lot less of you

We had dinner with friends in February and at the start of the meal my friends husband turned to me and said (quite awkwardly) “I’m not sure how to say this but there’s a lot less of you” And it was awesome. … Continue reading

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