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Erin: recap June 13 to June 26

I had made it clear that my intent was to walk at least once a day. I wasn’t setting any requirements for distance traveled or time spent; I simply wanted to make sure that I would walk once a day. … Continue reading

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Tracey:Giving Back

As I travel along on this road to fitness and better health, I’m learning and growing all of the time.  It was very important to me, from the onset, to really embrace new knowledge, to accept new challenges, and to … Continue reading

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Samantha – 3 Week Countdown

Uh…so its September already. WOW! Summer flew by in a blur of beers, get togethers and long hot days. Overall, this summer has been one big learning curve for me I approached this summer with vigor knowing that it is my … Continue reading

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Tracey:Summer Exercise

(image courtesy beautyshop.com) It’s summertime and the living is HOT. There have been some CRAZY heat days in the last few weeks! As I’ve said before, I’m not much of a heat girl, so it takes the wind right out … Continue reading

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Tracey: Bumps In The Road

That picture pretty much sums up how the last month has gone for me. I did pretty well in March, seeing 2 lb losses several weeks, and was feeling pretty darn smug about how I was doing on this road … Continue reading

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Sasha – Success Begets Success

I am constantly being inspired by the Losing It community. Maranda tweets a yummy, healthy lunch, and suddenly I’m eating better lunches. Brie issues a twitter #saladchallenge, and not only am I inspired by the tasty suggestions, I start experimenting … Continue reading

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Sasha – The Physics of Air Travel

Do you know what happens when an airplane stalls?  I’m not talking about the engine stalling, although that happens sometimes too; but even a glider can stall. When an airplane is flying, the airflow over the wings looks like this: … Continue reading

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