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All in, baby!

yeah, so…. As I write this, I’m typing with one hand (won’t be a long post) while the other is gingerly, carefully wedged, strapped and cinched into a funky brace thingy and a crazy sling with hip pads and even … Continue reading

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Barbara – Putting portions in their place

One of the few things that healthy eating experts and developers of diet plans of all kinds (mostly) agree upon is the importance of portion control. There are a few different strategies for controlling your portions, beyond simply measuring everything … Continue reading

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Coreen – Week 7 – Lost it

I have been completely off track the past two weeks. No, not just off track, skipping through snowdrifts and sand dunes and any other place where tracks don’t exist. We’ve bought the house we were hoping to get, which has … Continue reading

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Coreen – Week 5 – Into the next decade!

No, I’m not down 10lbs yet (I wish!) but I did move from the 150s to the 140s, 148.8 to be precise (I checked it three times). I’m so giddy I could do a cartwheel, but that wouldn’t end well. … Continue reading

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Coreen – Week 1 – Lessons learned

I think I’ve laid a pretty strong foundation this week for my fitness going forward. I’m paying attention to my eating, walking farther and faster with my dog (when the ice and temperatures permit) and I’m feeling motivated to get … Continue reading

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Karen – Week 18 – A Holiday Survival Guide

It’s less than two weeks until Christmas and I don’t know about you, but parties and goodies and lots of non-Losing It-friendly stuff are about to make their way into my daily life. A dietitian I was seeing a couple … Continue reading

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Lara – week 6 – where is the rest of my meal damnit?

Awhile back on twitter I saw someone post one evening that they were gorging on leftover chocolate cake from their birthday. As is the usual result of such a comment people all wanted a piece too, but alas she had … Continue reading

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