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Barbara – Week 23 – Roller coaster

This week, I have a bit of a what not to do story to share. My weight has been bouncing up and down around the number it’s been at for about 3 weeks. I read about Andrea at Peek inside … Continue reading

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Sara – Week 21 – Look at my skinny XL legs!

Disclaimer: There is a lot of excited hand-clapping in this post.  You’ve been warned. Happy to be back at Booty Camp Fitness this week because as sweaty as it is and as much as I might dislike the occasional burpee … Continue reading

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Sara – Week 17 – The dreaded “P” word

If you ever wondered, you cannot will the numbers on your scale to decrease.  I am strong-willed and doggedly determined but even I couldn’t stare the buggers into submission.  And so I moved the scale into the second bathroom upstairs … Continue reading

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Sara – Week 7 – Let the fat girl go!

Dear Body, Here’s the thing.  I need you to cut me some slack.  I realize I’ve tried healthy-living many times before and that over the past 10 years I haven’t taken very good care of you.  You’re probably thinking “Sure, … Continue reading

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Sara – Week 6 – Ah-ha and AHHHH moments

Do you remember the moment?  That made you give up on yourself?  Start exercising?  Throw out the scale?  Get fit?  Want to hide in a corner and cry? I’ve been fat for over ten years now.  There are a lot … Continue reading

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Lara – week 3 – crack, cocaine, timbits

Last weekend we were trying to get the kids in the car to head up to my husband’s family’s farm and things were getting hectic.  The kind of hectic that has my blood pressure creeping up to dangerous levels and … Continue reading

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