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Believing in Strong – Sabby

Well, I can’t say my weight has gone anywhere, up or down. I am the same weight and size I was a month ago, three months ago, six months ago. I have become good at maintenance, it seems. I’ve been … Continue reading

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Tracey: Plateau=Reset

When you embark on a journey to get to your optimal “you” (as much as that is ever conceivably possible, anyways) there is almost always a goal set of a weight number or size. I don’t tend to like to … Continue reading

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Tracey: Bumps In The Road

That picture pretty much sums up how the last month has gone for me. I did pretty well in March, seeing 2 lb losses several weeks, and was feeling pretty darn smug about how I was doing on this road … Continue reading

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Getting over a plateau requires rejigging, rethinking your approach

We’re in a period of transition here at Losing it in Ottawa. Perhaps it hasn’t been as obvious until last week with Lara’s post, but this transition has been slowly happening for a while. Lara shared her thoughts last week … Continue reading

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Barbara – Week 32 – Magical thinking makes a return visit

When I wrote two weeks ago, I was 1.5 pounds from my goal weight. I was – and am – close enough I can almost taste it. (Sorry, I couldn’t resist the pun.) In the midst of the intervening two weeks, … Continue reading

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Barbara – Week 26 – Love letter to my body

It’s Valentine’s Day but I’m not going to talk about how to survive the delicious chocolate that will be lying around. Instead I’m proposing that we each take a few minutes to tell our bodies exactly how much we love them. It doesn’t … Continue reading

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Sara – Week 23 – This is what I signed up for

The process of weight loss is fun and invigorating.  You change your eating habits, you feel stronger and healthier.  You immune system improves.  Physical tasks become easier.  Your physical appearance improves.  People give you compliments.  You achieve your goals and … Continue reading

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