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Fall colours renew me – Barbara

There are some that watch for the first hints of spring and make plans for cleaning, new starts and recommitments. I am not among them, though I do love the spring. Fall is my season. I ran along the Ottawa … Continue reading

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Jenn – The Big 3 – Oh No! Wait a Minute!

So next week I am celebrating a mile stone. Next week, I turn the big 30. I don’t know about you, but throughout my life I’ve always had a “plans”.  Future plans: lose (insert number here) pounds by this date, run a … Continue reading

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Ronald – Week 12 – Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day My mother was a young teenager when I was born.  My father, a little older, left town rather than step up to take responsibility for his actions.  So it was left to my mother to raise me.  She … Continue reading

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Jay – Week 10 – Help! I need a strategy!

You know what I realized this week? I need a strategy to help me deal with situations. You see  – I KNOW. I know that burning more calories than you consume = weight loss. It’s a simple concept. I get it. … Continue reading

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Ronald – Week 7 – It’s all greek to me

I had the opportunity, through being a member of this blog, to participate in a President’s Choice demo of their Healthy Insider’s Report 2011.  They focused on a couple of recipes that were really quite good.  The first was Crunchy Mango Parfait … Continue reading

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Coreen – Week 3 – Feeling good!

Meal planning has been a big help for me over the past two weeks. Last week, well actually the Friday before, I sat down and searched my cookbooks. Yes, real paper cookbooks – my favorite is a one-dish dinners book; … Continue reading

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Ronald’s Losing It Journey Starts… Now!

I have competing body images of myself.  When I don’t see myself in the mirror for a bit I forget that I’m fat or overweight.  I feel strong and vigorous. I feel like I can do anything. I ran two … Continue reading

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