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Tracey: Walk It Out

I’ve been getting a lot of emails and messages lately about how my new-found love of running has inspired others to get out there and give it a try. I’m SUPER happy about that,  so let me start by saying … Continue reading

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Tracey: Mixing It Up

As I’ve been on a plateau for ever and a day, and as I believe in trying new things and making fitness fun, I’ve spent the last few weeks working out a new plan for moving forward. Diet wise, I’ve … Continue reading

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Tracey: Just Sayin’

My focus on this journey has been all about health.  The scale sliding down further and the clothing choices that have opened up to me are not bad either, don’t get me wrong, but I’m really trying to come at … Continue reading

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Sasha – Funks and Finales

I pulled my groin. I’ve been having trouble writing this week’s post, and I needed a focus. So there it is: I pulled my groin. But the problem is, there’s nowhere to really go from there. I mean, nowhere you … Continue reading

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Karen – Week 41 – Rejigging, rethinking…it’s starting to work

Have you ever used writing to wrap your head around how you feel about something? That pretty much sums up my entire reason for writing. So, when I wrote my last two posts two weeks ago and last week, I … Continue reading

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Sasha – Week 17 – Water, Water, Everywhere

Are you up for a little brainstorming session? Last week, the cyber-dog ate my homework, and while he did apologize afterwards, I still found myself short one blog post. So I thought I’d let you write it for me. The … Continue reading

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Sasha – Week 15 – I Am Not A Runner

I have run in exactly one foot-race in my life (if you discount the three-legged variety). It was at an Air Cadet sports meet, and I was there to hang with my friends. I certainly wasn’t there to do anything… … Continue reading

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