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Postcard from France

A person better at planning ahead than me would probably have prepared a post for when she was on vacation*. I suspect that people who are good at planning ahead also prepare meal plans, pre-fill food diaries and don’t need … Continue reading

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Barbara – No more teachers but a couple of books

Those of us with kids in school are now looking out at nine homework-free weeks and there seems a bit of time to fine tune and maybe even amp up our exercise plans. With that in mind, I’m looking closely at … Continue reading

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Barbara – My relationship with running? It’s complicated

For more than a year, I’ve defined myself as a runner. I love many things about running: the fitness it brings, the way it allows me time to clear my head, how it reminds me that I am stronger than … Continue reading

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Barbara – Don’t believe my eyes

In my very first post, I wrote about being surprised at how I looked in photos and I have to confess that they still catch me off guard. In recent ones, I’m surprised that the thinner person is me and when … Continue reading

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Barbara – Failing the Playground

Summer is slipping away. I’m looking forward to the crisper fall weather and the ripe apples and leaves to crunch through that it brings. Knowing that our chances for trips to the playground are getting limited, though, Reid, Ken and I headed over to our local playground one … Continue reading

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Barbara – No one plans to become unhealthy

With the first long weekend of summer just ending, I’m thinking about my weekend health habits – or maybe the inconsistency in what my weekends look like – and wonder what the end of summer will look like. There will … Continue reading

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Sherrilynne – week 20 – reality bites

My travels are over. Well, for now anyway!  I’m now in Ottawa and have been having a great time hanging out with my family and friends here.  Too good of a time. That’s right, I’ve been partying.  I’ve not been … Continue reading

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