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Sherrilynne – Isle of Man – the last stop

There’s nothing like sleeping in your own bed.  And that’s just what I did last night for the first time in more than four months! Did I ever sleep well too…a full eight hours.  I’m back in my own house … Continue reading

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Sherrilynne – Eat like a Cambodian

Week 18 After a week of touring Cambodia I noticed there are no fat people.  With the exception of a few western tourists, I’ve not seen a single overweight or obese local person.  I think the primary reason for this … Continue reading

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Karen – Week 39 – Something had to give

I have written here about my struggle to get back on track for months now. I’ve had very little progress in this new year. In fact, what progress I’ve had, I think I lost because I’m up 2 pounds. This … Continue reading

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Lara – week 33 – ummmmmmm oohm?

These last eight weeks I didn’t meet the goals I swore up and down that I would meet in order to continue on with Losing it in Ottawa.  I’m just going to put that out there right now. I said … Continue reading

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