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Coreen – my scale survived the summer

As much as I loathe writing as if summer is over, I need to face the fact that school is starting again next week, and this weekend the calendar flips over to September. I might not have gotten my ‘bikini … Continue reading

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Coreen – Penny wise, pounds lost.

This week I’ve gotten serious about the food I’m eating. And the food I’m eating out. I decided I needed to tackle this from a new angle, so why not look at the amount I’m spending when we eat out? … Continue reading

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Believing in Strong – Sabby

Well, I can’t say my weight has gone anywhere, up or down. I am the same weight and size I was a month ago, three months ago, six months ago. I have become good at maintenance, it seems. I’ve been … Continue reading

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That Four-Letter Word – Sabby

If we look at weight loss in the big picture, and truth, most of us do, we think of a word I have a hard time using these days. That dreaded four-letter word… Diet. What do you think of when … Continue reading

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Tracey: Pumping Iron!

I tricked you a little with that blog title, there! While I’m also doing some of that weight pumping, I’m more referring to literal “iron in the blood” and my apparently lack there of that element. I had my blood … Continue reading

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Barbara – In my house

I try not to use words like “bad” or “good” in describing foods or declare some foods off limits but I am increasingly willing to set some into the category “not in my house”. We don’t buy white bread – it’s … Continue reading

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Of Wine and Women

I turned 40 three days ago. I’d say ‘enough said’, but really, I volunteered to actually WRITE posts, so I guess that won’t cut it, eh? So yes, I turned 40. I had an AMAZING evening with wonderful long-standing girlfriends … Continue reading

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