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Barbara – What my body says about exercise

Do you know how sometimes, when you’re not distracted by a dozen other things, you notice something that has been right in front of you for a while? I had this happen to me after my run last Sunday. I … Continue reading

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Tracey: Another Reason to Food Journal

                                                           I’ve talked before about how important keeping a food journal has been in keeping me on track and successful, but I’d like to delve a little deeper into the reasons why I find it not only helpful, but necessary. … Continue reading

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Barbara – Paperwork

I read this bit of financial advice somewhere (but Google doesn’t know where) that you are either prepared to do the paperwork, i.e. a budget, or willing to be broke. I think that this applies equally to losing weight. You’re either … Continue reading

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Melodie – Full fat dairy, raw fish, and a whole foods lifestyle

Over the last couple of years, I’ve been trying to gear my eating more and more towards whole foods. For me, the wisdom that it is better to eat whole foods is easy to see – that while an apple … Continue reading

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Barbara – Back to Basics

I’ve been drifting when it comes to my healthier eating and exercise plans lately. Coming back from vacation – mentally – has taken much longer than it should have. I took myself back to the foods that have underpinned my … Continue reading

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Barbara – No one plans to become unhealthy

With the first long weekend of summer just ending, I’m thinking about my weekend health habits – or maybe the inconsistency in what my weekends look like – and wonder what the end of summer will look like. There will … Continue reading

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Sasha – Success Begets Success

I am constantly being inspired by the Losing It community. Maranda tweets a yummy, healthy lunch, and suddenly I’m eating better lunches. Brie issues a twitter #saladchallenge, and not only am I inspired by the tasty suggestions, I start experimenting … Continue reading

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