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Tracey: Fitness Fun

In the day-to-day struggle to change our lifestyles, to lose weight and get fit, I think we often get caught up in the urgency of a “workout” and we forget the beautiful expression of fitness as fun. When we were … Continue reading

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Tracey: Role Modelling Health

I was having a discussion the other evening with my teenage daughter. We were going back and forth, planning things she’d like in her lunch in the upcoming week.  As we debated sandwich versus leftovers to reheat, she brought up … Continue reading

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Barbara – Why are you doing this?

On Saturday, Reid and I joined some other Losing It ladies (and some of their awesome kids) for a Color Vibe run. The site reported that there would be no timing system because it was intended as a fun run. And, I have to … Continue reading

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Babrara – Thank You note to volunteers and cheering people

I ran two races on Ottawa Race Weekend on May 26-27 and I’d like to send a “Thank You” note to all of the people who volunteered to make the course safe, give water and do the 1 001 things that you … Continue reading

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The Long Term, The Short Term, and Now

Health, I’m realizing, is likely often a “hindsight is 20/20″ situation for many people. I’ve been in my head a lot lately, trying to figure out where things stand for me with diet and lifestyle, largely so busy and dealing … Continue reading

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Barbara – my fitness advent calendar

I realize that December 1st was last week but there are still quite few days before Christmas Day is upon us in all of its glory (and stress and overeating – but those are topics for a future post) and … Continue reading

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Jenn – Thanks!

The past two weeks have gone well, I have stuck to tracking my calories in vs calories out, continued to keep my intake of water high (at least 16 8oz cups a day) and I have made it to the gym … Continue reading

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