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Erin: Setting specific and realistic goals

First impressions I’m new here, so I’ll take a moment to tell you a bit about who I am. My name is Erin; I’m 36 years old. I’m married, I don’t have any children1. I moved to Ottawa in February … Continue reading

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Telling it like it is – Barbara

I wandered away from here for a few months while I was training for my first full marathon. Losing weight just wasn’t my priority – running took up a lot of time and energy and what little of either was left … Continue reading

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Tracey: Take It All With A Grain Of Salt

There is a lot of advice out there, and sometimes when you’re trying to puzzle out this new healthy journey you’ve embarked upon, it can get a little overwhelming. It can be quite daunting, especially how much of it is … Continue reading

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Tracey: A Little Bit Of This And That

Well, the plateau continues and I seem to have a lost a little mojo along with the sunshine! Seriously, Mother Nature, I’m on “stand by” waiting for nicer weather to not feel like hibernating, smothering myself in chocolate almonds and … Continue reading

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Tracey: Plateau=Reset

When you embark on a journey to get to your optimal “you” (as much as that is ever conceivably possible, anyways) there is almost always a goal set of a weight number or size. I don’t tend to like to … Continue reading

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Tracey: Role Modelling Health

I was having a discussion the other evening with my teenage daughter. We were going back and forth, planning things she’d like in her lunch in the upcoming week.  As we debated sandwich versus leftovers to reheat, she brought up … Continue reading

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Barbara – Average

I’ve been thinking about the law of averages lately – well, I didn’t know it was called that but I heard that we are the average of the 5 people we spend the most time with and I’ve been thinking about … Continue reading

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