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At ease

I’ve always loved to rollerskate.  I skated A LOT as a kid, so much in fact that I used to skate laps around the basement all winter long whenever I needed to burn off some extra energy.  That feeling is … Continue reading

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It’s this, or take a photoshop course

It all started with a photo. When we launched Losing it in Ottawa almost three years ago I talked about being a fat girl, and most of the sentiments written in that post are still true. That summer a photo … Continue reading

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Lara : Back in the saddle, but riding a pony

For almost a year I kept blogging on Losing It and felt like a fraud. I wasn’t actively trying to lose weight or be healthier and the requirement to blog felt like a noose around my neck.  So I quit … Continue reading

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Lara – same story, different day

I love starting my weeks with a good Sara post – don’t you? Reading about her run had me in tears of joy at her success and envy at my own lack of follow through. *I* signed up for the … Continue reading

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Lara : I wanna be a super cool chick

In 2004 I decided I was going to learn to snowboard. I was a huge fan of the Playstation game SSX and I thought snowboarding just seemed cool.  I kind of wanted to be cool and edgy and this was … Continue reading

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Lara -the reboot

A year ago I introduced myself as a fat girl. A fat girl who didn’t want to be a fat girl ANY MORE! And just like I have done a million times before, I started on a weight loss journey … Continue reading

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Shona: Because ‘not hating how I look’ is not enough…

It’s supposed to be my (Lara) day today, but because of Social Capital I got Shona to write us a post that is far more in line with how I wish I could sound about weight loss right now than … Continue reading

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