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19 Food-Free Friend Dates

I don’t know about you, but for me, getting together with friends usually revolves around “doing lunch” or going out for dinner. So a few weeks ago, when I was trying to think of some good alternatives, I pinged the … Continue reading

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Sasha – Funks and Finales

I pulled my groin. I’ve been having trouble writing this week’s post, and I needed a focus. So there it is: I pulled my groin. But the problem is, there’s nowhere to really go from there. I mean, nowhere you … Continue reading

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Sasha – It’s all in your head

Losing weight is about burning more calories than you take in, the rest is just in your head. That is what makes it so hard. I’ve been feeling a bit crazy lately. I’m thinking of starting some kind of DIY … Continue reading

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Sasha – Doom, Gloom, and Gainful Employment

I’m in a bit of a funk. And when I’m in a funk, whatever I write (if I manage to write at all) comes out as a bunch of self-pitying twaddle that I don’t want to read, much less let … Continue reading

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Sasha – Reality Check

I saw a picture of myself recently. I didn’t like it. Disliking how we look has been a hot topic lately. Sara has found her motivation flagging because she feels so much better about how she looks (as well she … Continue reading

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Clothing Swap

Losing it is having another clothing swap! Where & when: Carlingwood Public Library Saturday July 9 at 1pm What to bring: clothing in any size/style/season. We’ll sort it by size when you arrive – if you want to bring it … Continue reading

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Sasha – The Salad Post

An embarrassingly long time ago, I promised to write a round-up of all the marvellous salad ideas that the Losing It community (and others) came up with on Twitter (Thanks Karen for the gentle reminder :)). I complained in this post that I … Continue reading

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