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Coreen – Let’s talk feet

The time has finally come for me to admit I’ve got weird feet. Well, actually, I seem to recall needing to compensate for supination when I ran in high school, so it’s time for me to re-admit I’ve got weird … Continue reading

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Coreen – my scale survived the summer

As much as I loathe writing as if summer is over, I need to face the fact that school is starting again next week, and this weekend the calendar flips over to September. I might not have gotten my ‘bikini … Continue reading

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Coreen – Penny wise, pounds lost.

This week I’ve gotten serious about the food I’m eating. And the food I’m eating out. I decided I needed to tackle this from a new angle, so why not look at the amount I’m spending when we eat out? … Continue reading

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Coreen – Reversing the trend

You’ve got to like it when the first update is positive, and I’m really glad to report that after starting over two weeks ago, I’ve kickstarted my weightloss! I understand that the changes I’ve made so far aren’t going to … Continue reading

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Coreen – Starting over.

Hello! Long time no chat. While I was happy to post that I’d started 2012 10lb lighter than 2011, I unfortunately cannot do the same this year. Over the span of two months last year I managed to gain 20lbs … Continue reading

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Coreen – Goal setting time.

I’ve discovered that you can only coast on this weight loss/health thing for so long, and apparently my time is up. After a decadent winter of no exercise, a food filled week in Toronto (oh my, I’d move there just … Continue reading

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Coreen – How I horrified my doctor(s)

One of the biggest disadvantages of getting old is that you have to spend more time at the doctors. Now that I’ve made myself sound 90, let me explain. For starters,  I have my regular annual checkups, which my doctor … Continue reading

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