The thing about being overweight and having PCOS is that sometimes my body reacts to changes in new and fun ways.

Right now I have a break-out on my chin. I don’t know if it’s acne or a rash or a reaction to something, but I imagine it has something to do with stress and hormone fluctuations. I know for sure that it’s embarrassing and makes me feel really bad about how I look.

Frankly I’m tired of that. I’m so tired of being uncomfortable about something that my own body is doing to me.

It’s Christmas and there’s stress and there’s work and schedules are out of whack, but I should be reacting in new ways – like going for a walk – instead of the same old, same old.

I’m not there yet. I’m falling back into old routines, and my skin is paying for it.

I’m marking this as my last post for 2013. In the new year I will start re-training my brain again, walking out my stress and anger on the treadmill, cooking healthier meals and planning healthier snacks, kicking my Coke habit and reducing my sugar intake. The kid and I will be doing yoga classes together, which should be great for both of us, and maybe I’ll plan one day of swimming together every week too.

I’m heading into 2014 incomfortable but optimistic. If I keep pushing myself to change it will stick eventually.

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3 Responses to Hormones

  1. Robyn says:

    I know how you feel I also have PCOS and it certainly is a challenge. I have been looking for a yoga class that I can take with my 8 year old son (has anxiety issues), can I ask where you are taking your yoga class?

  2. My friend Amanda owns Little Lotus Yoga and we’re taking one of her parent and preschooler classes. She also has family classes.

  3. I like wise have PCOS and it unquestionably is a test. I have been searching for a yoga class.

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