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Last Monday I started the Learn to Run clinic at the Running Room on Bank Street. This 10 week clinic runs right through until December 31st and is going to be a big help in preparing me for my 2nd event, the Resolution Run!

I am super excited to be  doing this clinic because I really enjoy running and want learn all there is to know about the basics. I also love that I am getting out with a group of people and building on my abilities with the encouragement and support of others. 

The first week was 6 repetitions of walking for 2 minutes and running for 1 minute. I haven’t run consistently since the Army run and it was obvious. While I wasnt dying, I did notice that it wasn’t as easy as before. It was humbling because I went into this clinic thinking, well I can already run 3 minutes at a time so the running aspect isn’t going to be that bad, and wound up groaning at the end of it. No matter how far I’ve come along, if I am not consistent with it, its going to kick my backside every time I start to get back into my routine.

I made it out to the practice run on Wednesday evening and had a great time chatting with a few of the other people milling about. There was something exciting about a ton of people meeting up before going off with their own group. I felt like there was a buzz and it was infectious, I was so excited to get out and run with my little pack. The run flew by and the chatter on the way back to the start location was engaging as well. Everyone there has their own story of why they are there and what they are looking to get out of the clinic but everyone has the same similar pumped up energetic, lets do this attitude. Updates on the outlook as weeks progress :P

Tonight is my 2nd clinic and I am just as excited to get out there again. Love having this new fit hobby and so looking forward to tracking my progress during these 10 weeks!

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2 Responses to Samantha – Learn To Run

  1. Tracey says:

    I can FEEL your excitement-and thats awesome! Having a supportive group of like minded people REALLY has made a difference for me, personally! I look forward to hearing updates!

    • Samantha R says:

      Finished my 2nd clinc meet and did the practice one last night. I am SO jazzed afterwards I feel like I am flying high.

      Being around other like minded people is so infectious! My husbands pronbably going to get tired of how much I gush about it but I don’t care!
      I LOVE RUNNING!!!!!!!

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