Samantha – 25 Candles

That’s how many candles I am blowing out on my birthday cheesecake this week. I am looking forward to the cheesecake and the life milestone :)

So in honor of the number I’ve thought about the 25 things that I have learned since changing my lifestyle and becoming a healthier me!

  1. I actually like salad – they are fresh, colourful and easy to prepare
  2. Jogging doesn’t suck – me the girl who vowed that I would only ever run if an axe murderer was chasing me now enjoys lacing up her shoes and hitting the road/treadmill.
  3. Changing my lifestyle has been the hardest thing I have ever done – not only does it affect you but it affects your friends and family too, everyone has to learn how to handle the more energetic, usually less cranky and much more healthy me.
  4. Scales do suck – this is the last unhealthy habit I am trying to kick. I obsess about it still too much. I know that there are better ways to measure my success than that number.
  5. Workouts cure nasty moods – they also make happy moods better!! DOUBLE BONUS
  6. No goal reached should go uncelebrated – just don’t celebrate with food….thanks OPI for my new celebration go to.
  7. Planking is one of the hardest physical things I have ever done – currently able to hold it for 45 seconds before barf feeling sets in.
  8. Having definition in my arms makes me feel like like Wonder Woman.
  9. Seeing my thighs whittle down with slight definition makes me feel like Wonder Woman.
  10. Actually all of the changes in my body make me feel like Wonder Woman :D
  11. Finishing a that 5k  Army Run made me feel more confident and accomplished than any any goal I have ever done before.
  12. Expanding your circle with other fit like minded people rocks – so much easier to vent and get support from those who are going through this journey as well.
  13. Yoga is my favourite way to relax – restorative and Yin to be exact.
  14. I am more comfortable in my skin than I have ever been.
  15. Being comfortable in my skin doesn’t relate to my weight  – it is being the best me I can be in each and every step and phase of this journey.
  16. This will be a never ending journey – you can always grow, learn, be a little more awesome ;)
  17. I’d rather wear runners than heels – ok lets be honest I was never really a heels girl, but now I don’t even pretend to look at them in the shoe stores.
  18. I’ve cut my makeup spending in half – fitness classes, yoga and jogging are my pastimes now, don’t need to get gussied up to sweat. WOOT!
  19. There is not one aspect of my life that is the same anymore – this change has effected work, social and my marriage (all positively).
  20. I like getting up with the sun (usually before it in the winter) to get my workout in.  It sets my day off on the right path.
  21. Recovery days are just as important as workouts – burning out sucks and keeps you out of the game longer.
  22. I want to help other people reach their goals of a healthier life – working on a on a plan to make this a reality within the next few years.
  23. Having a solid support system has been the biggest help – they encourage me through the doubt and cheer me on through successess.
  24. I will never limit myself  – anything I want to achieve I will eventually reach it.
  25. I don’t want to ever stop growing and evolving within this new lifestyle


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About Samantha R

Taking control of my life one healthy choice at a time!
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2 Responses to Samantha – 25 Candles

  1. Caroline says:

    This is great! As an obsessive list-maker, I just think this is an awesome way to celebrate, and to take stock of the positive in your life, as well as thinking of the little changes that roll up into one big change, and that is a better you! I liek to do writing exercises to get my creative juices going, perhaps this should be one I keep in the drawer for when I need to pep talk myself to keep going. Make a list of the positive things that have changed! Well done!

  2. Tracey Ives says:

    I love this too! What a great idea! Maybe something I should do, just for my own personal “gratitude” list! Taking stock of blessings! Great post-and Happy Birthday!

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