Samantha – A Personal Best at the Army Run

The morning was bright and just a little chilly and I had butterflies in my belly from the night before. I stood amongst the huge crowd of people waiting for the mass start to begin. I was pretty far back from the start line so it was a few minutes before I was off and running. As we were all shuffling to the start line my stomach was in knots I was fidgeting with my iPod and  triple checking my Bit Timer to make sure that I had the right intervals set and wondering if I was really going to complete this 5k in under 55 minutes – the goal that I had set for myself.

The week leading up to the event was cruddy, my sciatica was acting up and I was having a hard time jogging at all. I was only able to get in one practice run in and it was not very good at all.  Instead of my usual intervals I walked for five minutes at a quick pace and then jogged for one. I tried to push myself a little harder but I didn’t want to be a mess for Sunday. I have also been having a hard time losing weight the last few weeks. I have been staying the same and not fluctuating which is a good thing but it is so frustrating that the scale doesn’t move or only moves half a pound at a time. All in all it wasn’t the way I wanted to be heading into the Army Run.

Once I crossed the start line I started my interval timer and cranked my music, I tried to block out the crowd of people around me and far enough ahead of me while still checking to make sure I wasn’t going to trip myself up (been there and done that, didn’t need to do it with a few hundred people behind me). My first two jogging intervals were the hardest, I felt super out of breath and very stiff in my legs. There was a little bit of worry that the entire 5K was going to be like this. I walked an extra interval, caught my breath and tied to think of this as just another workout. The next few intervals were much better, I felt looser and dare I say even quicker?

The rest of the run I tried not to think about how far I still had to go or how many people were behind me. I got into my zone, listening to my tunes and pushed myself to jog a little more even after my rest beep dinged. About a half a kilometer from the finish line my husband and mother-in-law were along the road waving and smiling cheering me one. Seeing them gave me the extra gas in my tank to haul ass across the finish line.

My chip time for the event was 48:27:3!! A new personal best! My previous best time was 50:36. I was so thrilled when I saw that result pop up. There was no wiping the smile of my face. I felt so accomplished, so capable and totally on cloud nine!

My weight loss may be snail slow, I might have crappy days in the gym and every now and then I am going to go carb cazy and enjoy pasta AND garlic bread at dinner, but everything that is happening along the way is part of the process and the journey. Finishing this event and surpassing the goal I set for myself proves that I am able to do anything that I put my mind to.  It has given me such a boost of confidence.

Since the Army Run I have already accomplished another milestone, I ran for ten consecutive minutes at the end of my jog on Saturday morning. TEN MINUTES!!!!!! :O I put on my three favourite songs, zoned out and stayed focused on the finish.  It was great!

So my goal for the Resolution Run on New Year’s Eve is to be able to do 10 minute intervals consistently! Not just a fluke shot at the end of the run ;) I cannot wait to build up my endurance and reach another amazing milestone :)

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2 Responses to Samantha – A Personal Best at the Army Run

  1. Caroline says:

    Way to go! I know that for me, being able to run the whole thing, and come in with a PB was so motivating, that I feel like I am in a new place with my training as well. And voila, so were you! ten minutes! WOO!

    We are all different runners, at different places in our training, but that doesn’t matter. What matters is that you did it, right? Before you know it, you will be running the whole 5k, and kicking some serious patootie. Yes, I said patootie. Heh.

    I haven’t lost a pound in nearly a month. However, I can hold a plank longer, my pants are getting loose again, and I am able to run 7k continuous now. I tend to not focus on my weight. If I do, it really sets me off on a low. Instead, I focus on what my body can DO, and what I can achieve. I focus on eating healthy portions, healthy foods, and not counting calories. I focus on fueling my body to help it be awesome. If I have a treat now and then, I do not regret it. Sure it may be thwarting wicked fast weight loss, but right now, I feel healthy, I look healthy, and I can RUN! *flex*

    Can’t wait to hear how your training is coming a month from now!

  2. Tracey Ives says:

    this is AWESOME! You are on FIRE and SO going to reach any goal you set your mind to achieving!

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