Melodie – I can, I should, and I will

I got the okay from my doc to start putting weight on my leg on Tuesday and did my first physio appointment on Wednesday. The physiotherapist said to try, around the house at least, to walk without crutches. She said to push the leg, try to use it – that pain is okay. It will hurt, she said, but as long as the pain doesn’t linger for more than an hour once I put it up, and I don’t have trouble sleeping, it’s okay.

So for Wednesday I just puttered around the house without crutches, which initially was very hard. Thursday I went outside and went around the block – a little over 100 metres. Friday I went to Beechwood Ave., using crutches for about half the distance (partial weightbearing) and then took the bus to Rideau Centre. I bought some good supportive shoes there, and that is helping a lot. They are cushiony and they take a lot of my weight so my ankle has less work to do. I walked around a little in Rideau Centre, sometimes with crutches and sometimes without, and then got back on the bus. On the way home, I walked from Beechwood Ave to my house, which is around 450 metres – so if you add it all up I probably did 2/3 of a km (what would normally be about 8 minutes of walking for healthy me.)

Then today I went to the pool and swam about 500 metres, plus did maybe 10 minutes of treading water. Steps around the house are no longer difficult. I will make sure to go for another little walk today too.

It’s amazing to me, from talking to people, how everyone has an opinion. People tell me I am pushing too hard, that I need to take it slower (perfect strangers are telling me this.) I am trying really hard to remember that the only people whose opinions really matter are my physio and my doctor – and they both say go for it. Some guy as the pool was telling me how he broke his toe a year ago and it’s still causing him to limp, and then in the same breath he’s telling me to slow down. He told me he didn’t walk more than 100 metres for months. Well, of course, you’re not healed. Your body is like a second language. You don’t use it, you lose it.

Anyway, at the moment I feel supremely disinterested in hearing that I can’t or that I shouldn’t. I can and I should. The only thing my doctor told me I can’t do is run. (Not until at least after my next x-ray in 6 weeks.) I’ve been pushing my leg and it feels like a healthy amount of pushing. After pushing it, I get it elevated and ice it. It is not swollen and it is not hurting more than before I did all that exercise. Everything is getting easier, and I just want my mobility back so badly. I’m fighting for it.

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One Response to Melodie – I can, I should, and I will

  1. John says:

    I got all sorts of advice when I broke my ankle last year. I listened to the advice from my physio, then listened to what my body said and I was fine. Good luck.

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