Wordywort – Time travel

I have been exhausted for a few weeks now. The transition from working at home (sigh) to working and teaching on campus has been smoother than I anticipated in some respects, but teaching is more exhausting (and more enjoyable) than I remembered. Still, I have been able to take care of myself in some ways, but only by traveling through time.
Summer Me had the foresight to register for a Wednesday night trail running class. Each week is more exhilarating than the last – last time we even saw a porcupine! A porcupine!!! And each week, I have had more and more excuses not to go – the first day of classes, the first entire week of classes, insomnia, insomnia, insomnia, a cold, a runny nose, my period, and finally a sick kid at home. Somehow, what Old Me would have used as excuses to avoid exercise have become reasons TO get some exercise – the more stressed out I am, the more I need a run. And somehow, no matter how tired or sleep-deprived I am, it always turns out to be worth doing. But if I was running Wednesday evenings on my own, they would probably have been rescheduled – and wreaked havoc on my schedule and eventually skipped – several times already. So thanks, Summer Me. 
Sunday Me now has the foresight to cook for Weekday Me – boy do we feel sorry for her! Weekday Me gets a little sick of the fifth identical serving of oatmeal, and she doesn’t like leftovers to begin with, but boy is it easier to wolf down whatever is in the tupperware than to cook a meal from scratch. 
Morning Me is responsible for packing lunches, and luckily, she usually remembers to add a big bottle of water and a snack. That means After-work Me is less likely to graze in the kitchen before dinner hits the table.
The point of all this is to say that sometimes it is easier to make decisions when things are relatively calm, and to trust yourself to stick with the plan when the time comes. If I don’t plan ahead, I am more likely to buy lunch at the food court, eat a pre-dinner “snack” that I will regret, or spend the whole day thinking, “Who needs water? I’m too busy” (which I really do, all too often). 
I haven’t mastered the flip side yet — Social Me eats and drinks more calories than Next Day Me would like. But last night at an event I said no to cheesecake and drank only one glass of wine, in part because I knew I had a blog post coming the next morning – so thanks for letting Wednesday Morning Me check in once again.
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One Response to Wordywort – Time travel

  1. Sasha says:

    Three cheers for New You! That is so cool. Kudos to you for your foresight.

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