Cindy – Change is In The Air

Well, this is my last contracted post.  My One Year Commitment has been completed.  It’s been quite fun.  I learned quite a bit about myself from having to write it down.  Thank you for that Ladies and any Gents out there who are lurking.

So, what’s changed in the last year?

  • I feel I have a new commitment to eating healthier and making more of my food and not relying on convenience / pre-packaged foods as much as I have been.
  • I have rediscovered my Slow Cooker.  I’m happy to say that.  I made a great leek and carrot soup last week.  My plan is to make at least one soup a week.  Maybe I can pour the veggies down our throats.
  • I WANT to move.  Yes, I may give up the gym one night to catch up with my laundry or something, but the urge and desire to be in the pool or at a class or in the weight room is still there and I know it will be “fed” at a later date.
  • I LIKE to move.  Those days that I miss the gym, I physically miss it.
  • I am a better swimmer.  This is a point of pride for me as I’ve always wanted to improve on that.
  • I am physically stronger – always a bonus.
  • I tend to be a mentally happier person when I exercise and eat well.  I need to remember that.
  • My body doesn’t tolerate as much sugar as it used to.  This is a hard one for me to remember as I still have overindulgent moments – though they are fewer and farther apart.

What I need to work on now is breakfast foods.  Those seem to get away from me.  An awful lot of sausages get eaten at our house for breakfast.  “What do you want for breakfast Pirate Pants?”  “Sausage!  Fwaffle!”  See what I mean?  Although, the other day he did say Cheese and Crackers, and yogurt has entered his vocabulary as well.  So my next challenge is getting breakfast under control.

Once again, a big Thank You to everyone.  I’ll still be around, reading the blog and asking stupid questions on Facebook.  I wish everyone good luck on their journey.


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One Response to Cindy – Change is In The Air

  1. Its been a great year, very much enjoyed your posts and very proud of all you have done :)

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