Barbara – Why are you doing this?

On Saturday, Reid and I joined some other Losing It ladies (and some of their awesome kids) for a Color Vibe run. The site reported that there would be no timing system because it was intended as a fun run. And, I have to say “fun run” was a massive understatement!

See this girl, does she look like she had fun? 

Color Vibe "after" picture

How about her mother?

Color Vibe "after" picture - Barbara

The run was amazing because of the colour and the laughter and, yes, even because of the rain. But it was also important because it reminded me that one of the reasons I decided I had to lose weight and get fit was that I had to be able to keep up with Reid and set a good example. My weight is not where I want it to be right now but the example I am setting for fitness definitely is.

I want to thank the others in the Losing It women who shared their hesitance to start, company along the way and joy at the end of this very fun run. Our shared experience encapsulated why I’m here. I needed to remember that.

How about you? Is the “why you’re doing this” lost in the daily grind of lose-weight-get-fit?

Do you want to share any recent running stories?

Moving it

I also ran a half-marathon yesterday. The Army Run is an incredible, important and beautiful race. From a purely running perspective, it is great because we train through the miserable heat of July and August but run in the cooler temperatures – the exact opposite of the Ottawa Race Weekend. I ran strong, missed by time goal by one minute, and am left eager for the next one. I’m throwing myself back into the gym because I want to get faster. C’mon, it’s time.

Tale of the scale

I’m down 1.5 pounds over the last two weeks. Other than ditching my vacation weight, I haven’t lost in a long, long time. It might be a bit of dehydration from the race but I’m using it as motivation.

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4 Responses to Barbara – Why are you doing this?

  1. Love that photo of Reid! She looks like she is having a blast!

  2. Caroline says:

    I really wanted to do the colour run on Saturday. Next year, I will! As I have shouted and posted and repeated to everyone I can find… I ran my first 5k yesterday at the Army Run. I set the goal in April when I could not jog for more than 1 minute without bursting a lung. I was a size 20.

    Yesterday I ran 5k without stopping in 37 minutes. I am a size 14. The world is mine, anything is possible now!

    And the reason I do this? My life depends on it. I will not let Diabetes beat me. I will not let it prevent me from having a long, happy and exciting life with my family. I will be the best example I can be for my children. Period.

  3. Brie says:

    Barbara you rock!

  4. wordywort says:

    All the talk about your two races this weekend inspired me to do an extra run for the week on Sat. It was a hard one b/c my legs were sore from squats etc the day before, and it left me wishing I wasn’t running alone that day. That hard run made me realize that I should take advantage of more fun runs, even if they aren’t exactly my thing – I’m a bit of a curmudgeon, but seeing the pics of women and daughters at the Color Run makes me feel like I missed out on something I would like to be a part of after all. So I registered for Mission: Possible in November b/c I thought that would be fun for me. Thanks for sharing and for reminding me to have a little fun now and then.

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