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Carry on, have a cupcake, go for a jog, read a book…..there are so many of those Keep Calm posters around these days! They always makes me think about the things that help me keep calm, the things I do to keep my mind busy enough to let go of what might me making me tense or to ease crankiness. My Keep Calm activity has become doing my nails, fingers and toes, funky shades, different patterns…if its on Pinterest I am interested in giving it a whirl.

There is only so much a workout can do to help me unwind and unplug. When I am working out I am always thinking about form, whether it be jogging, lunges or lifts. I’m always aware and focused and while it always leaves me clear headed and on an endorphin high, sometimes I need an activity that I can just tune out and float through on autopilot.

So on a night that I need a little bit of tune out time to mellow out, I grab my big box of polish, get myself comfortable and settle in for some painting. Not only can I zone out but I end up with pretty fingers and toes.

The Army Run is next weekend and I am so very excited to be participating in the event!  I am trying to remain calm about the number of people that will be there, what my performance is going to be like and the sheer new-ness of this whole experience. There have been so many positive comments and reminders from the wonderful gals in the LIO community that have reminded me to stay excited and not worry about anything else but going out there and having fun. The butterflies are the good kind of course. I trust in the training that I have done to prepare me for this.  I know I am capable of completing that distance. But every now and then a “what if” pops in my mind and I spin my wheels fretting for 5-25 minutes. What is the point of psyching myself out like that? It does me no good and I usually end up chewing at my cute nails! How counter productive is that!?

So in efforts to keep the icky sorta nerves away from now until Sunday, I’m going to work in an extra yoga class, only do two jogs before the weekend and have my trusty nail polish collection close by. Hmmmm, maybe I should be hitting the drug store up for more polish remover as well.

Already pre-planning my event day nails…What do you think of these Ombre nails in greens/beige’s for the Army Run?

I hope that everyone who’s participating in the Army Run this Sunday has a fabulous week leading up to it and are able to stay cool as cucumbers with their Keep Calm activity! Hope to run into some of you guys there ;) (Cheesy pun totally intended :P )

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One Response to Samantha – Keep Calm and…

  1. Sabby says:

    I love those Keep Calm posters, but the trend has kinda gotten a little mad LOL! My plan for Army Run this weekend is to do a couple of jogs this week, do a core exercise routine early in the week, and eat as clean and energy/iron-rich as possible. I have low iron, it sucks :(. My Keep Calm activity IS my running, because when I run, it is my time for me, I think through all kinds of stuff, and come out on the other end calmer, happier, and feeling awesome. This week I want to keep going on the distance successes I have had, but I am scaling it back. SO hard! I suck at doing my own nails, they usually just stay very short so I don’t chew them. Kudos to you for finding an activity you know will help you go “ahhh”! I will look for you with your beige and green ombre nails! I’ll (hopefully) be wearing rainbow knee-high running socks and my pink Handana.

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