Cindy – Back in The Saddle

If you remember last time I wrote, I was struggling with my exercises, getting my fitness in, all that fun stuff.  Since that time I had a nice chat with my GP – who will be putting me in touch with the clinic’s nutritional expert.  I’m looking forward to that meeting.  I had a good chat with a friend – Thank you Lady J – who has gone through her own ups and downs in the weight department, I think there was also a brief phone call to Lady M in there too, and I have gone back to the gym.

I hit up an Aquafit class – got myself a water noodle and stuck myself in the deep end.  I worked hard and walked out feeling like I had swum 1500m.  What a good feeling that was.  Next evening, DH and I hit the weight machines.  I had no program, nothing to follow, I didn’t record anything and I had more fun then I’d had in a LONG time at the gym.  DH and I lasted about an hour before we gave in to fatigue.  My arms felt like jelly.  What a good feeling that was.  Especially when I had to carry Pirate Pants up to bed half an hour later – he was kicking and screaming the whole way too.

So, I have discovered a secret about myself.  Following a program isn’t always the way to go for me.  I need more spontaneity in my workouts.  I’m going to try and take a few classes I think, just to shake things up a bit – until I get bored with those, then I’ll switch back.

Odds & Sods

So, we’re getting into Birthday Season in my family – three plus Thanksgiving and Hallowe’en in October alone, two in November, then of course there is Christmas and more birthdays!  ACK!  That meeting with the nutrition specialist can’t come soon enough!

My GP recommended eating at least 1 vegetarian type meal a week.  I’d like to try doing this but I’m not the most adventurous eater and I’m not a fan of legumes – beans and stuff like that.  Any suggestions on dishes?  I was thinking vegetarian tacos – I think you can get a mix for those

I think DH and I need to outlaw desserts in the house– except for fruit and cheese.  And Pirate Pants’ vanilla ice cream.  And special occasions – like birthdays.

I’ve regressed to not planning my meals.  I need to get back to that.  I think we were eating better for the 4-6 weeks where I WAS planning.  I need to include more salads in my meal planning too.  More steamed veggies.  Maybe try and make a soup.

Benchmarking – Last year we took Pirate Pants to the Russell Fair.  We were there about 3 hours or so.  I barely made it back to the car.  THIS year we took Pirate Pants to the Russell Fair and we were there about 3 hours.  I made it to the car with energy to spare!  Not a LOT of energy, but enough.  DH felt the same way.  Pirate Pants?  He fell asleep in the stroller on the walk back to the car.  Lucky guy.

Until next time!  -Cindy

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2 Responses to Cindy – Back in The Saddle

  1. wordywort says:

    Maybe I can help with veg meal ideas. I’ll try to throw out a few here. Let me know if you need more info or types of ideas. Fajitas (sautee the veg, eat beans on the side for protein), minestrone soup, chick pea curry or dal, tofu & veg stir fry, pasta w/ cottage cheese, take out sushi w/ edamame, omelettes or quiche, veggie burgers or dogs, grill tofu steaks and veg, stuffed baked potatos,

  2. Tracey says:

    I think part of this journey is switching it up, finding things that work, changing them when they dont. And having FUN with it! Good for you!

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