Samantha – 3 Week Countdown

Uh…so its September already. WOW! Summer flew by in a blur of beers, get togethers and long hot days. Overall, this summer has been one big learning curve for me I approached this summer with vigor knowing that it is my hardest time to stay on the healthy lifestyle wagon. Its hot, there were vacations, friends were in town, travel for work…..ok so there are all the excuses I used, so my results weren’t that great. Its always one or the other right? Excuses or results.

While I didn’t drop a size this summer, I stayed focus on my training for the upcoming 5k. This is the thing that I am most proud of! I am up to 3 minute intervals. Yes the girl who could barely jog for 30 seconds at a time can hoof it for 3 solid minutes!!! With the Army Run 3 weekends away I am focused on the race and crossing the finish line with my head high and a smile you couldn’t smack off my face.

My mother in law, husband, sister, brother in law and new nephew will all be there cheering me on and waiting for me at the finish line to help me celebrate this MAJOR goal achieved. Knowing that I have that kind of support on this run makes me determined to push harder and make them all proud of what I have done.

The plan of attack leading up to the big day is to get 4 runs in a week and make sure that at least 2 of them are outside. I still have apprehensions about jogging outside, only because I am the number one klutz and have defiantly fallen down at Mooney’s Bay while jogging. I am trying to stay focused on the the goal and not let my insecurities get the best of me. This is the part that is always a work in progress for me.  I have gotten better at not worrying about being the “fat girl running”, but rather the kick butt slightly jiggly girl reaching her goals and pushing herself to new heights but every now and then one needs a reminder, ya know?

I’ve downloaded the map of the route and plan to do the course at least twice before the 23rd.  I think that if I am a little more familiar with where I am going to be running I will feel more at ease and not so spazzy about the upcoming event.

YAY SO EXCITED! 20 days :D:D

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3 Responses to Samantha – 3 Week Countdown

  1. Sabby says:

    I remember the first time I did 3 minute intervals. I was very, very proud of myself. It was just after that, on a quick evening run, that I ran 24 minutes straight with no walk, and am now running 4 k. Keep pushing!

    I am also a jiggly bum (and tummy, arms, legs etc) runner, and when I started, it was rather nerve wracking to run outside, at lunch, downtown (ack!). There were several times I felt too embarrased to run because I was having a big ole fat day, but I went anyways, pissed at myself for my low self confidence. It was encouraging that skinny, glide-y runners would smile and nod, or wave at me. It doesn’t matter what you look like. You’re doin’ it, and that gets “props”.

    I am also doing the 5k on the 23rd. WE will have an awesome race! :)

  2. Tracey says:

    Youre doing great! It seems imposdible at the time, but soon you’ll be running longer and longer intervals without blinking! I’m doing my first ever 5k at the Army Marathon too! :)

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