Cindy – I’m Struggling

As you’re reading this, I have probably just landed at the airport after a whirlwind visit to meet my two 4 month old nephews – they’re absolutely ADORABLE!

Anyway, I didn’t find it too hard to eat properly while I was there – I’m not normally one to root around in other people’s kitchens looking for snacks to eat.  My Wonderful Sister In Law also makes FANTASTIC salads.  So I’ve been consistently under my daily calorie intake for the 3 days I was there.  Exercise wise, I’m struggling.  We had a LOVELY walk along the waterfront on Sunday and a nice shopping trip on Monday, but other than that it’s been sitting and cuddling and feeding the little sprites

Even at the last month at home I’ve felt like I’m struggling just to get to my workouts and when I do get there, I don’t feel like I get a great workout, it’s merely adequate.  The exception being two workouts last week where I felt GREAT at the gym, worked hard, got it done and actually felt good about the workout.  Only two workouts in the last two months that have felt pretty AWESOME, do I need to take a break?

Food wise, I think I’ve been doing ok.  My Fitness Pal has been happy with me – except for the fact that I keep forgetting to press the Finished entering for the day button.  Then the one time I do push it, I realize I forgot a snack.  <shakes head in dismay>  Isn’t that always the case?

Plan For The Week

So, now that I’m back at home, what’s my strategy?

Talk to DH about getting a 3rd workout in sometime in the week – see how we can get that into our schedule.

Keep on tracking my food in My Fitness Pal – trying very hard to remember to press that Finish button.

Ask my Doctor to set my up with a Dietician – I think they have one in the practice.  I want some more back up in the food department.

That seems to be all I have this week.  I must still have nephews on the brain.

Until next time!  -Cindy

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2 Responses to Cindy – I’m Struggling

  1. wordywort says:

    I think you should keep up the good work, even if it only feels adequate, because it’s so good for you. But I’m wondering what the difference is between an adequate workout and a great workout. I know that with running, sometimes I feel like a superstar, but other times I have to struggle just to meet my minimum time. Some factors you can predict (heat/humidity, lack of sleep, etc) but sometimes it’s a mystery as to why it goes one way versus the other. The superstar feeling is part of the reward. But the UGH feeling is part of the challenge not to give up.

  2. caroline says:

    We all struggle. I think sometimes we are supposed to. Life is not orderly, or always perfect. Sometimes that slice of pizza is gonna happen. I think the triumph is not in sticking to a diet/exercise regime “no matter what”, but to understand that we have ups and downs, and the ability to go back up from down is the real success. This proves that eating healthier and exercising is now a habit, not a phase.

    Don’t beat yourself up, the time with your sister and nephews was so important, and nourished your heart and soul, which is as important as your physical nourishment! Maybe it is time to try a new activity once you get back to active, or find a new running route, something like that! I find when I feel “blah” after a workout, I change it up. It is time for a new set of intervals, or a new route, or maybe even doing something I’ve never done before. It invigorates me!

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