Wordywort – Back from vacation and ready to race

My last post was four weeks ago, but it feels like yesterday. Time flew by with an old friend visiting, a trip to see my family in North Carolina, and a few days of vacation with just me, Mr. Wort, and Very at my family’s cabin. While my friend Andrea was visiting, I thought about how much we used to eat and drink together, and how exercise was simply something other people did. We’re older and somewhat wiser now, so I still enjoy eating and drinking with Andrea, but even more so because it wasn’t too much – there was no guilt (and no hangover) the next day. But this experience sent me down to NC thinking, “I don’t want to just do better than the old me – I want the new me to run the show!” Two decisions seemed to spring from this. First, since my family often makes me vaguely miserable, in ways that no amount of drinking is ever going to cure, I swore off the booze while at my parents’ house. It just wasn’t going to do me any good. Second, I kept a narrative log for myself anytime I let “new me” call the shots. The notes seem pretty pointless to me now, but at the time it was a way to remind myself of what my priorities are and to keep my decisions conscious. This wasn’t a food journal so much as a list of non-scale victories, like waking up at 6:00 to run before it got too hot, eating half of a food item that was just too big, or refusing to shop in the plus-size section (we’re talking Target XXL vs. “size 1″ – because too big does not mean it fits). Finally, those few days at the cabin felt like a time of exquisite balance, the kind it’s hard to achieve in real life. I had a couple of challenging but beautiful mountain runs, packed healthy picnics, ate boiled peanuts, and drank a little wine on the porch. 
What’s next for me is my first race on Saturday, a 6.9 km trail run at Camp Fortune as part of the 5 Peaks series. My weekly trail running class has enabled me to do a fairly solid 7 km… on flat terrain. So it was with some trepidation that I went out to Camp Fortune this weekend with a pretty hard core group to prerun the race course. Whereas 6.9 km of hills is all I can handle, these folks were going to do my trail two or three times in a row – wow. But so am I, in a manner of speaking. My weekly group decided to hold its last session tonight at Camp Fortune. So the race on Saturday will actually be my third time on the course, making this my first week of running more than 20km. 
Still, it’s my first race, so any last-minute advice would be much appreciated. I’ll let you know how it goes!
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3 Responses to Wordywort – Back from vacation and ready to race

  1. Tracey says:

    I LOVE this. It sounds like youve found the perfect balance for you-shutting out other voices, other opinions, other “old” habits. Youre going to do great at your race!

    • wordywort says:

      Thanks, Tracey. I do feel pretty balanced at the moment. Not sure what’s going to happen once I start teaching in Sept., but maintaining a state of zen-like denial for the moment!

  2. Moosilaneous says:

    Yay You!!
    What a great break, and what a great attitude!
    You go girl. (I have once again exceeded my daily allotment of exclamation marks. You have that effect on me.)

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