Cindy – The Good, The Bad and The “I still have those!”

So a while back I get a text through My Fitness Pal from Lady M saying Call me after x time on x day.  Hoping it’s not a ransom request – because much as I love Lady M, I don’t have any extra money – I call Lady M.  This was shortly after our Waggy Dog crossed the bridge so I was still a little (a lot?) depressed and I admit freely, I was in no mood for the conversation that we had – for that I apologize Lady M.

Lady M wanted me to make a list of the good and the bad things about my reasons for starting this weight dropping journey.

Good Reasons

~Pirate Pants – I want to be healthier so that I see him grow up.

~Pirate Pants – I have to be healthier so I can keep up with him!  Nothing is faster than a two year old with his own agenda

~I wanted to like myself again – Everyone goes through phases where they don’t like one aspect of themselves, but when you don’t like the whole package, it’s time to do something about it

~I wanted to be able to sit in the backseat of my Dad’s car and not have to struggle to do up the seatbelt.  He drives a Honda.  Hondas weren’t meant for large people, unless they’ve changed that.

~I want to shop at any old store in the mall, not just the plus size stores.

Bad Reasons

~Are there any BAD reasons to start being healthier?

Good Results of Getting Healthier

*My clothes fit better!

*I finally feel comfortable with my swimming ability.  I married into a family of lifeguards, this is a nice bonus.

*I can’t quite catch Pirate Pants when he goes all out but I can certainly catch him when he’s going to do something naughty.

*I can’t handle as much sugar as I once did.  I used to have an amazing sweet tooth.  Now my eyes are bigger than my tolerance.

Bad Result of Getting Healthier

*I’ve had to buy new clothes!

*I have more aches and pains now.  I’m wondering if that’s because I’m moving more?

*We’re constantly buying fresh vegetables!  Ok, it’s not REALLY a bad result, but I needed an extra one to balance things out.

*I’m getting sick more often.  Is it possible it’s fat soluble vitamins leaching out of my not as fatty as it was system?

A big Thank You to Lady M.  Now that I have this written down, it’s a little easier to focus on things.  I recommend doing this exercise when you’re not depressed.  But take it out when you ARE depressed or feeling low, it can certainly help, especially when the motivation is flagging and the cookies are calling louder than the gym.

So that was the good and the bad, here’s the rest: I surprised myself the other day as I was looking at my feet and I found that my ankles looked skinny.  Then I started thinking, “When was the last summer that you didn’t have cankles?”  and I couldn’t remember.  YAY for still having ankles, I thought FOR SURE they were gone forever.   Now my brain is going, “Your ankles are skinny!  Build them up!”  Silly brain.

And one last thought, as DH and I were following Pirate Pants out to the car for our Friday night gym session I asked DH if he could see us still going to the gym in 10 years.  He said I hope so.  I kind of hope so too.  Can you imagine how AWESOME we’re going to look in 10 years?

Until next time!

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One Response to Cindy – The Good, The Bad and The “I still have those!”

  1. Tracey says:

    Great reasons-and heres another simple one: Because youre WORTH it!

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