Samantha – Sweating at home

I am a wreck when it comes to putting together a workout on my own. I am never really sure what to do and if I don’t have something written down I lose track.  That is why I rely so much on the classes at the gym – go in, follow along, sweat my ass off and done! But I have wanted to challenge myself with more at home stuff, so I hit up Pinterest and found a few fun ideas that outlined the exercise and the reps.  This  one was the building block  for my at home routine :

I will warm up with 2 minutes of jump rope, go through the exercise set,  do 2 minutes of jump rope while hopping side to side, exercise set again, 2 minutes of jump rope hopping front to back, one last set of the exercises and a final slow jump rope cool down for 2 minutes.

I WILL do this workout on Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings before I get myself off to work> I also have to travel for work on Friday to Las Vegas again for 5 days and I plan on brining my sneakers and jump rope and actually staying active this work trip instead of slacking like last time around. This is easy enough to follow, though I still have it written down! ;)

Every now and then it’s nice to switch the fitness routine up and I feel that this is the boost that I need! Sometimes I have a hard time saying commited to doing the at home workouts so I am going post it on Facebook to make myself more accountable – also planning to do it early AM before work will make me treat it like an appointment before work.

An update on the jogging training is that I am still working on my 2 minute intervals.  Some days I find it very easy and I push myself to go longer and other days it feels like those two minutes will never end. I am going to stay at the 2 minute interval until I feel comfortable for at least 5 consecutive jogging/walking sessions. My distance has increased from the 3k to the 5k so that is why I also might be finding the intervals a little long at 2 minutes. I however LOVE the fact that I am doing the race distance! I also feel so fit and accomplished after I see the number on the treadmill come up or I round the corner on the home stretch when I am doing the distance outside.

Yay to building up my activity level outside the gym and making great strides in my interval training so far. Pun totally intended :D

Until next time!!

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2 Responses to Samantha – Sweating at home

  1. BEST PART was when you said you feel so FIT and ACCOMPLISHED…LOVE THAT :)

  2. Tracey says:

    Working out at home, finding the motivation, CAN be challenging. Sounds like you have a plan to stay accountable. LOVE the running intervals and feeling of accomplishment it gives you!

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