Donna – BMI and I

Hey everyone! Remember me?  It’s Donna – one of the original LIO writers. It’s been a really long time! I am stepping in for one of the regulars so she can enjoy her off-line holiday. I wanted to tell you all about the program I am embarking on. I had a consultation with Yoni Freedhoff last week at the Bariatric Medical Institute (BMI). I have been reading his blog for awhile now and his approach appeals to me.

Initial meeting

The meeting was a good one – Dr. Freedhoff gave me his spiel about the program, and what he had to say made a lot of sense. The two main rules of the program are: you must eat three meals a day, and two snacks. All must contain protein. You must also journal your food, accurately and completely. This seems doable. There is obviously much more to the program, but these golden rules are pretty non-negotiable.

I knew going to the meeting that I was leaning towards signing up and the meeting did not change my mind. Dr. Freedhoff spoke of the need for clients to find their ‘best weight’. This is defined as the weight at which, if you exercise more, or eat less, you would be unhappy. The trick is to find a place where you are happy, and are enjoying your life. His belief is that if you suffer to lose weight, you will gain the weight back, once the suffering stops. The key is to make sustainable changes that can be upheld over time.

BMI is about the launch a new program, in partnership with the Y. Participants will have access to Dr. Freedhoff, the Dietician, and trainers at the Y on Argyle, as well as membership to the Y. Part of the challenge for me was imagining how I would get to the clinic, which is located on Huntclub in Nepean. Now, that barrier has been removed. Yay for fewer barriers.

After signing up, I was given some food logs (which I have not used, instead sticking with My Fitness Pal. (I’m ‘donnalosingit’ if you want to add me to your friends/support network). I was given a a pedometer, which I HAVE been using, and am happy to report an average of 11,820 steps over the last five days – some days my step count has been nearly 15,000! To put that in context, 10,000 steps is about 8k. Definitely walking more because of the little machine. :)

Week 2

At my first meeting, Dr. Freedhoff gave me a requisition for a full blood work up, and an ECG. My results were “pristine” (as I suspected they would be). I had a quick physical today, to clear me for exercise. My bloodpressure was checked – (120/65 – normal!), and the doctor listened to my heart, lungs, and checked the blood vessels in my eyes, my liver, my thyroid. all seem good. I am officially cleared to move!!

I next had my RMR checked. This involves a fancy machine with a tight mask that calibrates your breathing and measures the rate at which your body burns calories at rest. I don’t have my results yet, but will discuss them next week when I have my first meeting with the dietician.

Finally, I had a meeting with the fitness director for an initial assessment. She.Is.Awesome!!! Sooo positive and eager to help me find a program that I can be consistent with. We talked about roadblocks. I mentioned my big one…”guilt”. Guilt at being away from my kids, in response – she was gentle, but firm, in her insistence…that I am worth it and I have to make myself a priority. What a great message and thought to take with me as I embark on this adventure!  Wish me luck! I hope to see you around MFP!

– Donna

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3 Responses to Donna – BMI and I

  1. Incredibly proud of you and the work your doing just leading up to this, and of course having taking this big brave step, cheering for you with all my heart Donna :)

  2. Lara says:

    So exciting! I can’t wait to hear how the program works for you!

  3. Tracey says:

    Sounds like a reasonable, realistic plan! Cant wait to follow!

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