Cindy – Get your Family Involved

Sorry for the delay in posting today, I’m dealing with a sick and cranky toddler.

I’m a firm believer in showing the example, which is part of the reason I’m very happy that DH has been going to the gym.  I want Pirate Pants to see us all being active because I believe that by showing him we are active and by being active as a family, he will be more active as an individual later in life.

The Fall City of Ottawa Recreation Guide came out online at  I’m a big fan of City programs and really feel that they are horribly underused.  I think they give you good programming at affordable costs.  I wish they offered every course at every location though, because some of them sound so stinking awesome, but I just don’t have the time or the desire to drive across town to take the class.  They also offer great ideas for doing activities as a Family.

A lot of the classes are for age groups that our family doesn’t fit in – Pirate Pants isn’t even 3 yet –  but that doesn’t mean I can’t throw a few out there for you.  Badminton, Volleyball, Yoga, Snowshoeing, Ghost Walks and Nature Walks.

That’s just stuff in the Family section of the Recreation Guide.  The classes I want to take on my own?  WOW, art classes, fitness classes and swimming!  Oh to win the lottery and not have to work so I could just learn all day!

In other news, I’ve been having trouble with my food choices.  I am happy to report that even when I was over my calories, I recorded my food.  I also had a few totally unmotivating days where I didn’t want to do anything exercise-ish.  But I finally went to the pool and swam 800m and felt better.  I think I was in pool withdrawl.   Now I’m all geared up and ready for more.

While I was swimming this past weekend I noticed that the bathing suit I bought in March is too BIG.  This annoys me because I paid quite a bit for that bathing suit and I really hoped I’d be able to wear it a little longer than 4 months.  On the positive side though, it’s too BIG!  Which proves that I have been using the bathing suit.  I also needed to buy a new pair of capris pants.  I got a 2XL instead of a 3XL.  Is there a mini shopping spree in my future?  Not sure yet.

This prompted me to retake my measurements.  I last took them in March – probably around the time I bought my bathing suit.  Here are the results.  I’m down a total of 2 more inches.  That takes me down 37 inches since November 2010.  I’m also down 32lbs.  I’m very proud of the 2 inches gone at my belly button and the 4 inches gone at my hips.

And lastly, since I haven’t posted very many pictures, please enjoy Pirate Pants at his first attempt at making lasagna – this was taken about a month ago.


ETA – If I can figure out how to ADD a video.  SHEESH!

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2 Responses to Cindy – Get your Family Involved

  1. Tracey says:

    I always forget about the Rec guide! Good call! And YAY to the bathing suit being too big! :)

  2. Tracey says:

    Oh-and cute video!

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