Samantha – Back to Reality

For the first time ever I had a solid week of vacation! It was pretty awesome and the weather was great the whole week, maybe a little hot for some but I’m never going to complain about it! Oh! AND my husband was also off on vacation, so technically first married vacation!! We had a chance to get up to my hometown for a few days and visit with friends and family, we also had a few relaxing days at home and a day away at Mont Tremblant. The whole week was relaxing and fun, hanging around, visiting and generally just enjoying being away from the grind was great.

My fitness routine over the last week has been a little more relaxed, I got in three 5k walks in and yoga on one of the days; however it wasn’t my usual routine of super sweaty classes, cardio and weights that I usually follow. I have to admit that my class on Sunday morning almost killed me; I was dying 15 minutes in but managed to power through until the end. 

I’ve got a great support system, here and back in my hometown, and the great thing about that is that eating while away from home isn’t so daunting. Everyone knows what I am trying to accomplish and while there are temptations around people aren’t pushing them at me constantly and they finally take no for an answer when I decline the ice cream cake. The only thing I found a little challenging was my schedule, or lack thereof during the week. I was eating later dinners than usual and didn’t have my snacks spaced out like I usually do. I made the best choices I could each day and indulged a little to. Let’s be serious, it’s the summer, it’s hot as heck and a cold beer is worth the points.

I checked in with Weight Watchers on Friday morning instead of my usual Saturday meeting and I was up a little bit. But I haven’t been freaking out about slight gain. I also don’t consider this a “slip up” or a back track by any means. I know that when I get back on my regular routine that everything will work out just fine. I’ve learned from this that I do better with routine (who doesn’t though) so next time around I am going to make more of an effort to plan more intense workouts and make sure I have my packed snacks on hand.

With regards to my training for the 5k, last week wasn’t super productive on the jogging front but I did manage to walk that distance a few times. Today I’m back to the intervals and looking to maintain 2 minutes of jogging with a 1 minute walk recovery.

Looking forward to logging a “training” jog today and getting my healthy snack on! I guess this means so long vacation and back to routine and reality!

…Until next year vacay ;)

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