Barbara – My iPod is fat

I was backing up photos on Saturday and decided to look at my hard drive. It surprised me to see how full it was, given how big it seemed when I bought it. My husband wasn’t, though. “It’s your iPod,” he said. He was right. My iPod is fat. It isn’t careful about what it takes in and it never seems to get rid of anything.

 So, maybe, it’s my job to watch the podcasts in and podcasts out ratio on my iPod that seems a bit beyond me these days.

In fact, since I’m confessing, my house is also fat and my closet is the equivalent of the jiggly belly and fat butt that we all think way too much about. I have a generalized problem with tracking what is coming in and what is going out – whether we’re talking about calories, podcasts, do-dads and clothing. It all seems too much – in every sense of the expression. I have too much and tackling the “too much” seems too much all on its own.

Am I the only one for whom  weight and podcasts or houses are moving in the same (wrong) direction?

I’m afraid the answer to most of my problems is to increase my self-discipline and that’s going to be tough. I’ve got the pantry and fridge mostly under control. Thank goodness! But the rest, well it’s out of control. Kind of like the difference between what I eat when I’ve packed my lunch and what I eat otherwise. I’m not sure if I can pack everything I eat – a do-it-yourself Jenny Craig system maybe –but I know I can’t pack my iPod and house. I need more rule so that I don’t need self-discipline (which I clearly lack). Sleep would help.

Do you have any advice, beyond “show some self-discipline”?

Tale of the scale

The scale is evil. She tells me lies. Or maybe truths that I don’t want to hear. I was expecting progress. I have been mindful of what I’ve been eating for the most part. Unfortunately, I haven’t been consistent with my food journal (see the discussion of self-discipline above). If you’re on My Fitness Pal, I’m there, too, as OttMomGo.

Moving it

I’ve completed three runs a week for the last couple of weeks and finished three sessions of Jillian Michaels’ Ripped in 30. My goal was four to six but I’m still working on developing this habit. I’m surprised that I’m enjoying a workout DVD. I also tried a CXWORX class and have a lunch date to go to another one this week. I walked with Donna and Pam on Wednesday last week and that was a Very Good Thing.

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One Response to Barbara – My iPod is fat

  1. Lara says:

    I so relate to this. I rarely feel I have the time to do the things I don’t want to do. I recently hired a trainer.., he’s making me accountable at least :)

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