Tracey:Summer Exercise

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It’s summertime and the living is HOT. There have been some CRAZY heat days in the last few weeks! As I’ve said before, I’m not much of a heat girl, so it takes the wind right out of my sails!

I attempted to run a few times, and it felt like I was pushing my body through molasses! It made me frustrated to slow my time, to be gasping for breath.  The heat felt oppressive, no matter the morning or evening.

I’ve had to shift my thinking from my original plan of action, and it stressed me out a little.  Instead, I decided to get busy doing what would best suit my day and allow me to get physical DESPITE the heat.

I’m home with my kids during the day, as well as my niece.  My day usually revolves around what they’d like to do, as well as the temperature outdoors.  As my sister has a GORGEOUS pool, we’ve found ourselves walking over to her house most days.

The walk is a brisk 12 minutes, there and back.  Once I’m in the pool and have puttered around a bit (and maybe done a cannonball or three!) I start my laps. The kids play Mermaids around me while I try to do 50 laps quick as I can.  Once we’re all waterlogged, we do the walk back.

It isn’t the run or the Insanity I had planned, but it’s a workout that just FEELS good and fits into what I’m doing anyways.  In other words, it doesn’t necessarily feel like a workout!

At first I felt anxious about not exactly following what was in my little head for each day.  I AM still running though, some days on the treadmill, and some outside, humidity dependant.  I haven’t done Insanity this week, but that’s largely due to the fact that I’ve had some sort of plague for a week now that has lowered my energy level to “barely functioning.” 

It’s a shift in thinking, to not see myself as doing “nothing” because I’m not cranking out a hardcore, killer, bad ass workout.  Instead, I have to allow the fact that I’m moving each and every day, just in a different medium and in a different way.  I think that is realistic and just the way life sometimes goes. You do what you can with what works for you and your schedule or needs.

Insanity and running will still be there next week when I’m feeling a little less congested and achy. For now, I’m making that summer heat work FOR me, instead of AGAINST me and enjoying every salt watered moment!

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2 Responses to Tracey:Summer Exercise

  1. Katie Squires says:

    I think its BRILLIANT that you have found a way to move and feel good in this heat. It may not be “insanity” but it is BRILLIANT! your moving, getting a good full body workout in, your kids see you being active, and your keeping cool! WIN!

  2. Barbara says:

    There are many “that’s the way life goes” days in life. Deciding to aim for movement instead of “gym or it doesn’t count” will see you find success. Good for you for this attitude. I use my Fitbit to keep track of my steps, as a minimum. Enjoy the pool :)

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