Melodie – It’s a Small Change After All

A few months ago when I stopped eating sugar, with absolutely no “end date” in mind, I made the right decision. I am very all or nothing about sugar and I needed to find a way to train my mind out of that – to be able to have the occasional treat without it becoming a full on no-holds-barred sugar party. I think I am finally reaching that place. In June I started making the odd exception to the sugar rule, and they really are infrequent. I’m not counting or anything but just keeping it moderate. I’m really proud of how well I’ve been eating and taking care of myself.

I have however been frustrated with the scale not budging much – and then just when I started to feel like maybe I had reached a plateau, I made a few minor adjustments and took a couple of pounds off. I think the adjustments I have made are really good, positive ones that I’d like to keep up.

1) Drinking enough water. I think many people go through life dehydrated, mostly because going to the bathroom a lot is such an inconvenience. Plus apparently some people don’t like water. I don’t get this, to me it’s like saying you don’t enjoy oxygen. But anyway water is really important for weight loss, because peeing is your body’s way of clearing out toxins. When you burn fat, toxins are produced – (sort of like driving a car – burning fuel creates pollution.) If you don’t have enough water to flush them out, then your liver starts working on filtering your blood, instead of burning fat. So not drinking enough slows down weight loss. I am finding that the right amount for me is about 3-4 L. (Not including coffee, tea and other beverages)

2) Eating as many vegetables as possible. They’re so healthy and plus, the more of them you eat, the less you have room for unhealthy food. I try to have veggies in all meals, and also my veggie portion sizes have doubled in the past year. Breakfast is probably the hardest to work them in but usually I put spinach in my smoothie or in scrambled eggs, or have eggs with a salad. I actually really like salad for breakfast, although not first thing in the morning.

3) Taking a multivitamin. There’s mixed opinion on how digestible the vitamins in supplements are, but it’s just a supplement. I’m not using it in the place of a good diet.

4) Increasing consumption of seeds, nuts, and coconut oil. Coconut oil is fabulously good for you and I just add a tablespoon to my smoothie – I find it tastes richer. Flax seed is a miracle food – it’s mostly made of fiber, as well as a good dose of omega-3s. The crazy thing with flax seed is if I eat it for breakfast I can be full until 2, 3 pm. You do have to drink a ton of water though, and go easy at first if you’re not used to that much fiber. I do not really care for flax in the smoothie but I like mixing a couple tablespoons of it into some yogurt. Almonds are also awesome, full of vitamins and minerals, full of good fat and protein, and they make you feel full.

So small changes have been working well, I feel great and I am now officially at 15 lbs lost since April.

Anyway hopefully today’s blog will get you thinking – it is sometimes the small changes that can make all the difference – what can you do, eat or drink today to help your body be healthier?

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3 Responses to Melodie – It’s a Small Change After All

  1. Caroline says:

    We eat a lot of whole grains. Quinoa is my favorite, but we also have wheatberry, barley, and various others in our pantry. Using the whole grain as a carb in a meal means it has a lower GI (for Diabetic me) and the fibre for the kids is great. It also introduces them to food that they will hopefully love for a lifetime, and lets us be creative when cooking! We also do veg at every meal, or at least try.

    I try to drink a lot of water, but I find after about 2 litres, I don’t feel right, my stomach and digestion gets a little rumbly, and it isn’t pleasant. 2 L is my limit right now. Maybe when I am running longer distances, that will increase.

    We have cut out a lot of sugar, but it is difficult, especially with the kids and their foods like yogurt and such. We also don’t want to use sugar replacements, because I am not sure what a larger amount of those would do to a wee body. I “overdosed” on sucralose one day, let me tell you, not pretty. So it is a work in progress! Kudos to you for working so hard at it. it ain’t easy.

  2. Tracey says:

    Great post-lots of info here for those trying to tweak their diets or that arent sure about some of those “weird health foods” lol out there. I use flax oil in smoothies-its in the refrigerated section of the organics. I buy the orange flavoured. I get the flax, without the seedy/granules.

  3. Great post! Like Tracey said lots of great info and tips here, thank-you for sharing :)

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