Tracey: Summer Social

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Ah, sweet, sweet summer with its endless days and evenings of friends and chatter, occasions and events. 

It’s mid-June and it’s already started with nonstop plans each weekend. All of which feature super yummy, delicious, not so healthy, food and drink.

I try not to freak out about the whole thing too much because I truly do believe in the whole 80/20 thing. I am working my butt off (no, literally!) 5-6x a week with Insanity and running and watch to eat (mostly) healthy, allowing myself a cheat day once per week.

However, with so many opportunities to guzzle beer by the pool, that “cheating” seems to have spread from one day to umm….whenever the occasion calls for it!

I’m reasoning with myself that I’m killing it exercise wise and do well most of the time, food wise.  That little voice in my head keeps repeating “You can’t out-train a bad diet” though.

Consequently, I don’t really have a plan to avoid it all, either. I just do my best day by day and when an event comes up, I try to make the best choices with one or two indulgences. I don’t want to waylay progress I’ve made, that’s for sure, but I’ve also stated from the get go that I’m not into this short-term. I am not ever going to be a girl that doesn’t eat a food group or avoids carbs or whatever the fad du jour may be at any given moment.  In the long-term of living a full life, events and occasions are going to happen, and I certainly hope that many, many margaritas with my besties are in my future.

I guess that all comes down to balance and moderation.  I seem okay on the balance part but moderation and I have had a tumultuous relationship in the past.

I keep moving forward, and I keep learning, and I guess that’s all part and parcel of puzzling this whole thing out, right?

Do you have any hints or tricks that help you get through a hectic (and totally awesome!) social calendar? Please share!

I’ll be over here sipping a Corona by the pool.

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2 Responses to Tracey: Summer Social

  1. Shona says:

    Plan ahead! If you know events are coming up, decide in advance how many/what kind of indulgences you are ok with, and stick to it (the trickier part). That way you get to enjoy guilt free. Also, with drinks alternating between water, diet pop, and booze helps limit your intake, fills you up, and gives you something to hold in your hand (harder to toss apps in your mouth that way). Also, I found the more I drank, the more I lost control over what I ate, so another good reason to monitor the drink amount. Most of all, enjoy and don’t beat yourself up over a slip up kinda night… One night now and then won’t do you in. Sounds like you already have a great attitude! Enjoy your Corona!

  2. Cindy says:

    What Shona said! With the positive attitude and a day-to-day, or event-to-event plan, you’re sure to be successful! Good luck! :)

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