Samantha – Me running a 5K?!

My journey so far has been slow and steady (steady most of the time, sometimes a little stalled), however we are heading into the summer. Summer for me has always been about boozing, BBQs and lazing around working on my tan. I have always put fitness and healthy eating on the back burner in lieu of late nights with friends and too big fatty magoo hamburgers. This summer is going to be different, rather it has to be different. I have come too far (yet again) to toss it all away and go on a three month vacation from my new lifestyle.

This past week (with encouragement from many) I signed up for my first 5K running event! I will participating in the Army Run on September 23rd ( and am so excxited that every time I think about it, it makes me want to lace up my shoes and take off down the road!

And then it hits me….oh yeah…sooooo I’ve never stuck with a running program before.  I have started the Couch to 5K program (hmm, well maybe not  “the” program but I have a run 5K app for my iPod) before but I have never completed it. I have always tossed in the towel around week 4 and even looking back on it now, I don’t really know why. I enjoy jogging, I love how quickly I can see results in my legs and I love that every week I’m able to jog a little longer than the week before.  Despite all of the reasons why I like it, I have never been able to finish the program and complete a 5K run. Knowing that I am heading into my trouble season and wanting to stay focused during this time, I thought that pushing my fitness goals to a new level was necessary, and I think that this 5K is just the ticket.

After the mild panic attack I re-downloaded the app, busted out my notebook and jotted down my week of workouts. I don’t want to give up the classes that I have come to love, or the yoga that helps me chill out, so I decided to start with a few longer power walks on my “rest” days. Friday night was my first “training” night  – I had butterflies in my stomach all day knowing that this was the start of my preparation which will help me cross the finish line in Septemeber. Let me tell you, jogging those few intervals was awesome. I felt stronger, less out of breath….still really sweaty but over all better than I have ever felt week one of C25k. It really boosted me and gave me confidence that I will be able to do this. I am going to cross that finish line running, not walking.

I have always been anxious to participate in “group” activities and even still prefer womens only classes as opposed to co-ed. Im always the girl at the back of the class and sweating like a beast 5 minutes in. As I was gearing up for my first interval of jogging those nagging sort of thoughts creeped in – how much is my butt going to jiggle, am I going to be sweating and red faced after these 45 seconds? And it was only after I completed my cool down, drentched and red faced, feeling so proud of myself yet again for commiting to such a goal that I realized, that I genuinely do not give a rip about anything besides remaining focused on my training.

I have a lot to learn about running (form, hills, pace, etc etc etc) but I have started slow and will build my way up to all of that in due time. I have never been more proud of myself for taking on this challange and proving to myself that while I am still overweight, I am a healthier and more fit individual that I have ever been in my life and that I am no longer going to put limitations on myself because I am “too big” to participate.

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8 Responses to Samantha – Me running a 5K?!

  1. Shannon says:

    Congrats on your training!! Things will be different for you this time because you want to be successful this time!!!

  2. Lara C W says:

    Congrats on your first training run! More importantly congrats on your sense of accomplishment! It’s really not a question of “if” you can do this- you already are doing it. Someone’s intention to get better allows them to get better, and your intention is there :)

  3. Katie Squires says:

    You are most definitely going to cross that finish line strong! :) :)

  4. John says:

    Good luck with the training, stick with the plan and dont be afraid to repeat a week if you need to.

  5. wordywort says:

    You said you usually quit a C25K type of program around week 4 but don’t know why. I used the “Ease into 5K” app, and if your experience is anything like mine, I can tell you exactly why – the increase from week 3 to week 4 is much greater proportionally than in any of the other weeks. If you know there’s a hurdle waiting there for you, I’d suggest creating your own “week 3-1/2″ or “bridge to week four” to make sure that you can transition from week three to week four without giving up OR asking too much too fast. For me, it’s all about asking more and more of yourself but in small doses. And you are already on your way!

  6. Caroline says:

    i am running in my first 5k also, in the Army Run. I am slowly building stamina, and abandoned Couchto5k because I found the increments harder to do. I am incrementing myself, pulling from my dusty knowledge of high school track and field. So far, it is going very very well. I use Runkeeper coaching, and set up my own workouts.

    You sound like me, the girl at the back of the class, flailing like a drunken pterodactyl, sweating after a minute of warm up. I am self-concious too, and have battled a lot in the past two months, jogging downtown near my work, knowing all the people out and about can see my butt jiggle.

    If I can do this, you can too. Bring it on, and meet you on September 23rd!

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  8. Yay, for signing up for your first 5k! I wouldn’t worry about hills, pace, etc. (though keeping form helps keep you from getting sore). Your goal for now is to finish the run upright and smiling. I tried learning to run with a similar app and succeeded using the Running Room program. You don’t have to attend a clinic or run with the group to do it. Just run three times a week as follows: first week run 1 minute, walk 1 minute for a week and the next week, run 2 minutes and walk 1 minute the next week and so on until you run 10 and walk 1. The slow increase helps build your endurance so that you’re ready for the next increase. The 1 minute recovery is hugely important to you psychologically and also physically. Try to run at the same speed for your first run period as you do for the last one. This usually means running slower than you need to at first but you’ll be grateful at the end.

    The Army 5k was my first race – I did it in a run 5/walk 1 because that’s where I was in my training. It got me hooked on running. I’m so excited for you!

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