Cindy – Planning Ahead

Pirate Pants has been at his Grandparents all week and we’ve been hearing about Adventures on the lake and finding dead fish and snake skins – which I sincerely hope stay at the Lake. Anyway, Sunday morning, DH and I went out for breakfast and I had something fatty and indulgent and bloating. Needless to say, I felt fat, indulgent and bloated when we got home. Given that Pirate Pants came home on Sunday, our regular schedule of going to the gym was out the window.

But I’ve felt that my eating style has been out the window for the last few weeks so things flying out the window is not new and I’ve learned to role with the flying. I want to do better though. I need to start eating less processed food in my opinion. Yes the frozen pizza and the boxes of lemon chicken have their place but they seem to be coming out more often than not. I’ve had no inspiration to cook AT ALL. So the goal for the next two weeks is to change that, but I’m going to have to break it up into a few parts.

So, Part 1 – Plan the weekly Family Meals – including a maximum of 2 meals (lunch or dinner) that are Take Out or restaurant meals per week.

Part 2 – Keep the work table CLEAR. This might just be the toughest thing to do in our house. It’s a flat surface and flat surfaces attract clutter like nobody’s business. But I need a clear and clean work surface so that we can work.

Part 3 – Get Pirate Pants involved in making meals. This might be harder than it looks – our kitchen is VERY tiny and that worktable is the only real place we can work side by side. I’ve been wondering what to do with Pirate Pants during the summer and baking and making meals together would be a fantastic activity. I particularly enjoy the idea of watching him make lasagna for some reason.

Part 4 –Use my Crock Pot and George Foreman Grill more often. If I plan properly, this should be easier than it is now.

Do you think that’s enough to work on for the next 2-4 weeks? This is a habit I would really like to get into because I think it will not only save us time and money but I think it will also help me in the weight dropping department. The extra challenge is to make foods that Pirate Pants will eat. He’s never been too fussy about food but he’s 2 ½ years old, so food fussiness could change any second now as he discovers he’s allowed to have an opinion. Of course, he’s just got into eating “tookies” (aka cookies) guess we can always survive on those.

Until next time!

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One Response to Cindy – Planning Ahead

  1. Tracey says:

    I definitely think that’s a great goal! I sit down with the flyers, malt my grocery list and meal plan according to what’s on sale. I also make ” deconstructed” versions of the main meal for my daughter that doesn’t like things mixed together. (ie if making spaghetti with meat sauce, I set some browned ground beef aside for her, before the tomato sauce phase) I also love our crockpot! :)

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