Samantha – Longest Month Ever

So my last post was a mini celebration of my weight loss and inches gone thus far in my journey, the Saturday before that post was also the first week of my weight loss stall. Le sigh.

May hasn’t been the most amazing month for me. For three weeks my weight didn’t budge…at all. I know that it isn’t all about the number going down but man oh man after three weeks I was a little more than frustrated. When I’m doing well – I am flying high, motivated to kick ass and take names and you couldn’t slap the grin off my face even if you wanted. When I’m stuck – I am an emotional yo-yo, happy for the progress that I have made so far but upset, disappointed, frustrated and annoyed that it’s slowed/stalled, I’m a maniac trying to “get back on track”.

So for the last few weeks I have been switching up my meals – breakfast for dinner, left over’s for breakfast, splitting up my snacks more throughout the day, cutting down on my carbs more (still my down fall) and trying to eat more veggies instead of my yummy sweet fruits. I’ve switched up my fitness classes and even doubled up some days! I have to admit on those days I felt like super woman!

It was my last WW meeting of the month this past Saturday and I was absolutely dreading it, oh goodie another week of the same number….gag. Despite my angst about the weight in I went, stepped on the scale, closed my eyes and prayed for SOMETHING! I mean come on….3 weeks?!?! Please please please body cooperate…and I was down half a pound. Well, it wasn’t the same number so YAHOO!

This has been the most frustrating month so far and I am still trying to figure everything out, trying to find the right mix of exercise and food…maybe there isn’t a Ta-Da solution. Maybe I will always be jigging things around and shuffling to find the right mix and balance.

So….here’s to the balancing act ahead in June ;)

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3 Responses to Samantha – Longest Month Ever

  1. Tania says:

    completely understand – I just had a similar experience except instead if 3 weeks, it was 9 to see a .4 lb drop. drink lots of water, keep playing with your macronutrients and doing what you’re doing. at some point, the body will cooperate!

  2. Shona says:

    You have this! Keep persisting and working it and you will get the results you want! This is where you show your true strength and determination!

  3. Tracey says:

    I think that’s is something I’ve learned too-our bodies are tricky machines, and likely WILL constantly need “jogging” as you said. Keep plugging away!

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