Tracey: Why NOT Me?


As we speak, I’ve just stepped off the neglected treadmill where I jogged (to say running would be pushing it) for 25 minutes STRAIGHT, increasing my incline every 2 minutes and then worked back down the same way. I’m a little on a high today because that plateau I talked about last post? I broke it today! Ya, baby!!! I literally weighed myself about 6 times today to make sure that my scale wasn’t broken or somehow fooling with me. I’m down 2 lbs!!! Okay, so that’s 2 lbs in a whole MONTH, but you know what? I feel like I won the lottery!

It kind of starts a cycle doesn’t it? I haven’t felt much like doing more than my 2 bootcamp workouts a week, and my diet has been less than stellar more often than I’d like to admit over the last month. Consequently, my losses slowed. The last week I decided to get serious again, and while it still needs a lot more work, I saw a loss. That loss today made me feel like pushing myself, hence the treadmill run followed by a 10 minute bootycamp style circuit.  The losses spur the workouts and clean eating, and the clean eating and workouts churn out losses. It’s not rocket science and yet….I seem to keep needing the reminder!

That brings me to an epiphany I’ve been having as of late. I’ve always looked at women who went from not working out to running marathons, or from being overweight to super fit as anomalies. I mean, they are the exception, not the norm, know what I mean?  I kind of always figured they had all discovered some sort of secret that I wasn’t privy to or they just had much more willpower and drive than I’d ever muster.

I don’t think that anymore.

These are all normal people, plugging away, doing their thing, day in and day out. It took them a long time to get where they are, a lot of sweat, and a lot of hard work. They made changes, some big and some small, and despite setbacks, plateaus (!) and gains-they kept going.

That’s the difference to any time I’ve attempted to get to the best me before. I’ve given up when I got “some” results or when it hasn’t been going fast enough for me. I’ve talked before about how this time my mindset is different. I’m in this to win this, for the long haul, however long it takes.

I’ve looked at those women and admired all that they’ve managed to achieve, never dreaming it was possible for me to do the same.  I have a vision of what I’d like to look like, goals I’d like to accomplish, where I’d like to see this fitness and healthy lifestyle going long-term. It may not look anything like YOUR vision or even what others think I should look like or should be doing. That’s okay. This is all about me, and my thinking nowadays is WHY NOT ME??

I wasn’t born this stubborn and temperamental for nothing! It’s time to put those traits to good use! There’s no good reason why I can’t keep pushing, picking myself up and pushing again until I get to where “I” want to be, for myself. There’s no million dollar patented potion to success. There’s sweat and tears and hard work, coupled with successes and encouragement and pride.

I’m definitely feeling like I’m on the right path this time, and I’m certain that I’ll get there.  If any of you out there reading are feeling like you just aren’t capable of being “like one of those success testimonies”  or just aren’t strong enough or just don’t have the stamina, I’m here to say YOU DO, YOU WILL and YOU CAN.

Each of us just needs to “win each day.”  That’s it. Each day is a new opportunity to do something, anything, that is good for our health. Bit by bit, day by day, pound by pound, muscle by muscle, we’ll get there. All of us.

Those women aren’t “special.”  We all have it in us-so let’s make it happen, together!


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9 Responses to Tracey: Why NOT Me?

  1. shonaturner says:

    I love this post! It’s so true! :)

  2. Katie Squires says:

    This is one of the most inspirational and honest posts ever! WHY NOT ME? WOOT WOOT…YES YOU!!! its one step after another…plugging along…you veer to the side…and you get back on path…on step in front of the other… GO TRACY GO!!!

  3. Lynn says:

    Great post, Tracey! So inspiring! Yes, you is right!!!.

  4. christy says:

    love, love, love this post!!!!!

  5. Tania says:

    inspirational! congrats on breaking the plateau, and for the realization that this journey is a lifelong one and it’s about continually putting one foot in front of the other. you know this is something I’ve struggled with for years but I’ve found my mindset changing over the last couple – so I’m with you – I’ll keep plodding along, whatever it takes to get there. ps – I’ve been on a plateu for 8 weeks…no bodyfat % change and no change on the scale…I’m hoping this is my week :)

  6. Claire says:

    Woot! What a rocking inspiring post! This post is so totally me right now! LOVE it and hell ya, why not me too! :)

  7. stacey carter says:

    HI Tracey, your story is very inspiring!! There is no better feeling than breaking through a plateau! I love the way you think !! You’re right, every person out there can and will succeed if they put their minds to it. I am living proof of it. I have lost 102 pounds in the last 2.5 years and i did it without any weight loss groups, pills etc. I did it through hard work, sweat, tears and lots determination. My ah-ha moment was when I attended a Fitness Seminar/Bootcamp put on by X-Weighted’s Paul Plakas ( he does weight loss documentaries on Slice and Global). He taught me the tools I needed to change my life. I learned that there was no easy way to lose weight and that nobody else was going to do it for me. I am proud to say I am one of those ladies who went from sitting on the couch doing nothing but eating and flipping the tv channels to running 10k races, hiking some of the highest mountains in Canada and the US and always looking for my next challenge. I have also changed my eating habits as well with his coaching. Instead of skipping breakfast and reaching for junk food all day I eat a balanced meal 3 times a day and 2 healthy snacks in between. I never knew real food could taste so good! I do have to admit there are days when I want to have a chocolate bar, bag of chips and a nice can of pop but I am a stronger person now and can fight off those tempations, well…for the most part, I’m still human afterall. :) My advice to you and everyone who is on this journey is to keep working at it, never give up and to never lose hope. Your goals will come, just keep moving forward in the right direction!!
    For anyone who is interested I will be in Ottawa on June 9th with Paul Plakas as he does his Fitness Seminar and Bootcamp (I will also be sharing some of my story) . Paul will be doing his Fitness Seminar and then we’ll be moving to Parliament Hill to do the bootcamp portion. I feel very strongly that everyone should come out and experience Paul’s bootcamp. I guess I may be bias as I’ve had AWESOME results from what he taught me. I don’t think I could have lost 102 pounds without his bootcamp! I have included the info from Paul’s website below with sign up information in case anyone wants to join us and change your life like I have. You can also see my before and after pictures under the home tab on his website. I’m the only person there! :) If you have any questions about the bootcamp or weight loss please drop me an email. I’d be glad to help or offer any support I can. If you do join us please came over to both Paul and I and say hello. We both love meeting and talking to people who want to share their stories! Hope to see you there!

  8. Barbara says:

    Love that you’ve reminded us that we need to work – I like to “forget” that sometimes and hope for magical weight loss – but also that success is possible. I bet lots of people will be using “Why not me?” to get them out the door or out of the fridge. Thanks.

  9. Victoria says:

    Love this post Tracey!

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