Katie: 10 days till 42km

Someone pointed out that its 10 days till RACE DAY, I would really like to thank that person for igniting a PERFECT STORM OF NERVES in my belly!  10 days!  In my head I had been happily floating along thinking two weeks of tapering, and not really thinking about the big day.  NOT ANYMORE!

In many ways I wish I could run the race this weekend, I feel ready now…and I worry that I won’t be ready 10 days from now.  I worry that as I do this thing called tapering that I am not doing enough, I worry that I am doing to0 much, I worry that I am going to finally lose that damn toenail!

So the wait is on and in the meantime I am keeping myself busy.  My husband was away this week and it was also a very busy week for me in terms of my personal training business.  I had a lot of organizing to do with the kids and arranging childcare for them while I was out on appointments.  I am really thankful for great friends helping me make this easier.  The girls had a lot of fun which is awesome, they also had some really early mornings and late nights.  I think I passed out shortly after them each night this week.  Usually a week like this would ignite a ball of anxiety in me.  I have suffered from anxiety almost all my life, and “CHANGE” is usually a big trigger for me.   But I am really surprised to say that I had a great week.  I took each “well organized” day one step at a time and thought to myself…YOU CAN DO THIS KATIE.  Just like when I am out on a really long run and I hit that wall and I chant YOU CAN DO THIS!

I can hardly believe I WILL BE DOING THIS.  When I talk about it, even with relative strangers, I get teary eyed!  On my last run, one of my motivational songs came on and I cried like a baby.  So I switched songs not wanting to blubber my way through my run and instead got all FIRED UP INSIDE…I was bopping along hand jiving, and shaking my booty.  When I passed fellow runner’s I didn’t just give them the usual wave, I gave them a virtual high vive Kataroo Style! I think I scared one lady…oops :)

I know I have mentioned it before, but this thing…running a marathon…has been written down in my diaries again and again.  I have a dusty hope chest in my bedroom filled with diaries from my youth and I guantee you will see run a marathon written down in almost everyone of them.  When I think of those diaries I think of how far I have come from a young girl struggling with Bulimia and having no self worth, to an obese and happy adult still struggling to find her way, to this crazy cat you see in front of you today.  Did you know I celebrated my 2nd year FIT-iversary last week?  Yep two years ago I started moving, and it all started with 10 min on the treadmill.  I remember running my first race 5km race at the Army Run at maybe a size 20? and thinking “WATCH THIS FLAB FLY” I felt fit and fast!

I have run 1, 358 miles or so since starting 2 years ago.  I swear everyone of those steps as helped heal me, and made me stronger.  Each one of those miles has taught me that I can do anything I put my mind too, and that I can push past my insecurities and self doubt.  This journey has also gifted me with the most amazing network of support, incredible friends that lift me up.

So my friends, help give me some goosebump power on the day of the race and in the comments below leave your POWER SONG…I want to add them to my Marathon Playlist.  (My running friend Amanda did this and it was such a cool idea)

I also want to wish Jenn an amazing first Marathon, and Barbara an incredible half-marathon….10 days ladies :)  I also have two friends running their first half marathons, Jenn and Rob wishing you a great race.  My husband, Ryan is also running the half and it feels weird not to have him at the start line with me, wishing him an awesome race too. 

About Katie Squires

I am a stay at home mom, with two little girls ages 3 and 5. A former couch potato turned fitness enthusiast, I am on a mission to empower other women to live their best active life. You can follow me at http://fitmominbarrhaven.com/
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32 Responses to Katie: 10 days till 42km

  1. runsonsugar says:

    Congrats Katie! I hope you have a wonderful run too!
    We can do this!!!!! :D

  2. Mary says:

    Katie I am so excited for you. I really hope you have signed up to be tracked so I can cheer you on from my parents place (it’s their 40th wedding anniversary that day). Some songs I like while running (kind of cheesy) I gotta get through this (can’t remember sang this ) and the climb by Miley Cyrus. I so know u are going to rock it!!!!

  3. Lara C W says:

    Oh I got tears!! I will be at the water table just before 14km marker at Tunney’s Pasture. You’ll be rockin it so hard at that point everyone’s going to be in your dust! I’ll be cheering you like crazy !!! My rock out run song is Purple Rain – I rock out on the air guitar while running to it. Fix You and the Scientist by Cold Play and don’t look back in Anger, and Crying Your Heart by Oasis.

    Now on to the most important stuff – I wanna know what you’re going to be wearing. Have you put lots of thought into your outfit? ;)

    • Katie Squires says:

      I really really hope I get to see you that would be very cool! Kind of surreal really :) “rock out on the air guitar” LOVE THAT! wearing eh…well I have this really ugly old big bright orange running room jacket that I am going to wear to keep warm while I wait and then ditch on the side of the road when I warm up. I heard that you should use old clothing you don’t want to keep you warm and then you can throw it away. My new compression shorts that I have run in (nothing new new)…my fav bra, my fav lulu tank (it holds all the jiggles in) and the marathon t-shirt. My fuel belt, and one of my lucky ugly hats :)

      • Lara says:

        lol sounds colorful! So you r going to wear tank top AND marathon shirt? I only ask bc of temperature forecast – Remember dress as if it’s 10degrees warmer (forecast is 30C). You’ve been doing the training so you know best where your comfort level is at but just consider the heat when thinking about layering.

        And yes I do rock out on air guitar. It’s kind of crazy. But I love it. How can one NOT run full out during the guitar solo at the end of Purple Rain. If I could time it right that would always be my finishing song!! lol

        I’m so excited to get inspired by all you amazing runners this weekend. Everyone who runs should volunteer just once even. I know how much the support has mattered to me during a race so I just want to cheer everyone on and see them succeed!!! You are going to accomplish a lifelong goal in 9 days! Truly amazing!!!! You ARE strong enough!!! More than!!!!

      • Barbara says:

        Tell everyone your colours, so that you’re easier to spot. Also, I’d really recommend against the marathon t-shirt. You’ll probably be too hot and you’ll up your risk of chafing.

  4. Rachel Tops says:


    BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE – Marilyn Manson

  5. Jay says:

    LOVE Katie! You CAN DO IT!
    Sing – My Chemical Romance – great beat, not too fast, but I love the lyrics and get lost in them:)

  6. Josee says:

    Raise your glass by Pink is my power song… And you beyer believe out will be blasting in my ears when I run my first 5k race next Saturday! You were an inspiration Katie! Run the crap outta that marathon!

  7. Tania says:

    best of luck to you on race day. I know it’s easier to say than to do, but STOP WORRYING! you’ve got several 20 mile training runs under your belt – you’ve go this! can’t wait to hear how you do :) I’ve found the songs that work for me are Geopele’s Closer and The Roots featuring Jill Scott (live version) You Got Me. both are a different genre than you’d think would get one pumped – and idk what it is about those to songs but yep. they work for me.

  8. Laura says:

    Yay Katie! Don’t be nervous – you are SO ready for this and a couple weeks of tapering will only do you good. You know my power songs – anything by The Fray. But I also love Katie Perry and some of the old school Destiny’s Child songs. Mostly because they all bring up happy or empowering memories from years past.

    • Katie Squires says:

      I think of you when ever the FREY comes on! makes me smile…old school DEstiny’s Child sounds good!

  9. Ray of Light by Madonna, Losing California by Sloan and Pump It by Black Eyes Peas are all on my running playlist…. Bittersweet Symphony by The Verve is carefully positioned at the point where I usually slow down – it builds nicely to get me going again.

  10. Sabby says:

    I have a few power songs I go to when I need them:

    I Love Myself Today – Bif Naked
    Sure Shot – Beastie Boys
    Jump – Van Halen
    Right Now – Van Halen

    I hope your race is filled with moments that will make you proud of all the hard work you have put in. Maybe in Maybe in two years I can be where you are, and saying that I did it too! :)

    • Katie Squires says:

      love VAN HALEN forgot about that all together!!! And Sabby here’s to two years from now!!!!! wink wink :)

  11. Christy says:

    Lose yourself by Eminem always gets me going :) I’ve copied the comments to my e-mail because I’m putting together a running list for my half on the same day! Good luck to you all!

  12. Tania says:

    sorry – it’s Goapele, Closer.

  13. wordywort says:

    Beautiful Day by U2
    My Body by Young the Giant
    Those are two songs that make it easy to run. Your inner teenager is going to be so proud of herself! I can’t wait to hear all about it. And what amazing life lessons running teaches. It’s hard to put into words, but you already know you are going to do this because you can. Break a leg! xoxo

  14. Katie Squires says:

    My inner teenager :) I LOVE THAT!!!!

  15. Tracey Ives says:

    I’m so excited for you because I know you’ll be amazing and you’ll be fulfilling a lifelong dream-how cool is THAT? I also hope we can follow your run chip! My “theme song” is Fighter by Christina Aguilera-I literally fist bump and punch when that song comes on. I also love Kelly Clarkson-a bunch of her songs are really empowering, and Pink, if course.

  16. Cindy says:

    This is awesome! You’re going to rock it!!! My fave motivational songs were U + UR hand by Pink, Given to Fly, Black, and Corduroy by Pearl Jam, and Everlong by the Foo Fighters. Anything by PJ and FF, really. I say were because I’ve had 2 babies in less than 2 years, and only a few dozen runs since the Army half in 2009. Reading your post is inspiring me to get out there, so thank you! And good luck next weekend!

  17. Jesse says:

    LOVE this post. I’m so excited for you!

    Two of my fave pump-ups are:
    Cake – The Distance
    and that Stronger, Faster song done by Kanye.

  18. Barbara says:

    You can do this! You’ll cry. You’ll laugh. You’ll curse. In the end, I hope you cross the finish line with a huge grin of pride. You’ll have earned it.

    Remember to smile for that camera :)

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