Tracey: Bumps In The Road

That picture pretty much sums up how the last month has gone for me.

I did pretty well in March, seeing 2 lb losses several weeks, and was feeling pretty darn smug about how I was doing on this road to my best self.  Why I don’t learn the lesson that “smug” ALWAYS, and I mean ALWAYS, bites me in the butt, I just don’t know.  I have to learn things the hard way apparently, repeatedly.

During the month of April, I went back to BootyCamp, but honestly, that’s about all I did. I slacked off on working out more than the two days a week, and somehow, incredibly (choke, cough) sugar found its way back into my diet regularly.  My diet wasn’t horrible or out of control, necessarily, just not as conscientious as I’d like it to be.

I knew this moment would come, of course. We ALL know this moment will come at some point. I can’t even really call it a plateau in terms of my “doing everything right and nothing happening” because I certainly wasn’t going 110 percent.  I guess it’s more like a plateau in myself.  I went so hardcore for a while there, I sort of fizzled out and lost some of my mojo.

All of this to say, having that happen is never great in terms of numbers on the scale, but it is good in terms of kicking my butt into gear once more. I’ve said it once and I’ll say it 1000 more times-I know this journey is going to feature many, many hills and valleys and it’s not going to be WIN/WIN all of the time. I’m human, I’m flawed, it’s a process.

So, here I am in May. I’m still at BootyCamp, which is now outdoors, rain or shine. That element in and of itself has shaken up my workout because uneven terrain apparently makes you feel like you’re back at Day 1 of camp! Who knew?  I’ve decided to shake up my typical workout routine by adding some Zumba and some Yoga. I love to dance so give me any type of Just Dance or Zumba and I’m all over it! I didn’t say I was GOOD, I said I enjoy it!  I seem to have an on again/off again relationship with Yoga, but when I practice I feel immeasurably less stressed and just in general better over all, so I really need to make sure to keep incorporating it into my life. Lastly, my friend has signed up for the Self magazine “Drop 10″ challenge. I just took a look at it yesterday so I’m not sure if I’ll bite the bullet or not-but it features a meal plan and a fitness routine to follow for the next few weeks. ( You can even join a group to do it together with others and record your workouts and progress-if any of you are interested!

Plateau’s, bumps in the road, falling off the wagon….whatever you want to call it….is going to happen.  I’ve come to expect it and I’ve challenged myself to keep pushing forward. It’s all you can do, and giving your best effort is all that is required to conquer it, however long it takes.

Now, if you could all remind me I said that and keep motivating me with your awesome encouragement and kicks in the fanny, I’d appreciate that too!

See you on the other side of this wall!

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6 Responses to Tracey: Bumps In The Road

  1. Samantha R says:

    You’re so right Tracey, all part of the process! Its great to hear that you use these “bumps” as motivation to push harder. Your determination is inspiring! Good luck in May and I can’t wait for your next post!!!

    • Tracey Ives says:

      Thank you SO much! I’m determined, but definitely frustrated! I realize this is all part and parcel of the journey-but I want to get back on the losing side sooner than later! :)

  2. shonaturner says:

    I agree with Samantha! You have such a great attitude! We all have down times, this journey is all about perseverance! You have got this!!

  3. Katie Squires says:

    Girl you have GRIT!!! and you don’t stay down for long and you come back with OOOPH!!

    • Tracey Ives says:

      Katie-I love this! Lol That’s exactly me-I’m a fighter! I’m approaching this with that exact same fight! :)

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