Jenn – A Positive Step

Before I begin my post, for those of you keeping score it is now 25 days until I run my very first marathon at Ottawa Race Weekend, and 31 days until I get hitched, but who’s counting right?

Seeing as though this could be a pretty stressful time in a persons life (planning a wedding, training for and running a very first marathon) and seeing as though I’m a bit of a stress/emotional eater, and I know that some you are too, I thought I would talk about how I’ve been managing to curb my stress eating lately…..

Do you ever have one of those days when you’re just feeling out of sorts, but then you shrug it off and talk yourself out of it? Then you get continue to go about your day and something really crummy just makes that feeling fifteen-times worse. Then you think “okay, I can deal with this”.
Then, when you’re managing, something else happens that just makes you want to crawl back into bed to start over? It’s a “worst day ever” for the books.

On those days, it can be nearly impossible to find a silver lining. Yes, it’s true, other people in the world have bigger problems and, things could always be worse, but everyday life can be rough too.

At times like these I’ve learned the best practice is not to try and be super-human and “suck it up princess”, or trudge through it because everyone has a bad day now and then. It’s to recognize that you are having a normal, logical reaction to the situation. How else should you feel? This day is terrible, and you need to take a step in a positive direction.

This is a mantra that I easily remember when I am having a bad day. I just remember to say to myself “positive action, positive action”. It doesn’t matter what that action is, doing your dishes, doing your nails etc. If going outside in the sun relaxes you, then step outside for a bit. If you’ve been feeling bad because you fell off the exercise wagon, do a 20-minute work out. Do anything that is healthy, productive or that you know will feel like you are taking a step in the positive direction.

Make it easy on yourself and pick something simple, because when you’ve just about had it, the best thing to do is anything helpful. Anything positive is a step in the right direction don’t over analyze it.
Just do it.

If you’re having that type of day and it’s getting worse by the minute, step away from the situation and give yourself some “me time”. It’s for everyone’s sake, not just yours.

Get to know yourself well enough to know when you need a break and find a way to take it. If you need to make an excuse, do it, and don’t feel guilty.
Giving yourself permission to do that and be ok with that is a positive step to begin with. It’s like saying to yourself, “don’t worry self, I’ll take care of you because your happiness is important.” It will make you feel worthy as a person if you put yourself first and treat yourself like a priority.

Yes, we can all make it through a bad day, but why not make the best of a bad situation? I also find that this is a big help when it comes to emotional eating.

It’s a habit you can practice and it will promote healthier, speedier recoveries in the worst “bad days” ahead. Think of it as preventative measure or an apple-a-day kind of approach. You will save more time for the “more important things” like work, family and friends, if you make it a priority to support yourself as a human being. When you find yourself stuck in a bad day it can feel like everything and everyone is against you.

Even if when you tell yourself it’s just a bad day, it can sometimes do little in the way of relief.

Remember to keep it simple and don’t try and solve everything all at once. Take one step in a positive direction, and your bad day will be one step closer to manageable. You will be one step closer to thinking, “It’s a beautiful day outside today,” or “I’m actually really looking forward to the weekend,” or possibly, “actually, I think I’m doing pretty okay.”
Have a wonderful week everyone, keep taking steps in the positive direction.

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One Response to Jenn – A Positive Step

  1. Tracey Ives says:

    LOVE this! What a great way of thinking! I’m definitely going to try putting this to practice!

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