Abs, Abs and more Abs

Yup.  Needed a visual to go with this post.  So…here you go!

No, with my broken arm, I really can’t do many (or any) of the following exercises, however….YOU might be able to!

In honour of all our gals doing the 6-week “Waist-Loss Challenge“, I’ve decided to put together some resources and potential inspiration for you all. Pick and choose what you want to do, but all these provided free guidance or advice for working your abs.

Now, if you are me, you just need the Ab Fairy to come and DO the workouts FOR you!

But, you know, these are just random resources.  I know many of our regular bloggers and many of our readers have their faves, including podcasts and other resources – all for free.  So chime in, and give our Waist Lossers a bit of a lift (myself included) to help motivate us!

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About paminottawa

Mom of twin toddlers, social media strategy gal, public servant, athlete when there's time, amateur sommelier and lover of food...passionate about life.
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4 Responses to Abs, Abs and more Abs

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  2. shanticonsulting says:

    thanks for the photos for my next newsletter! Just fyi to all the intelligent people who read this blog that know that you can’t spot reduce or work one muscle area…:) it is a full lifestyle thing.first get rid of the cortisol producing stress through meditation, then nutrition..workouts come last

  3. Tracey Ives says:

    Great resources for my home workouts! Thanks!

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