Wordywort – See it, do it, kiss it, measure it

In my last post, I complained about a pain in my hip, but I’ve determined the cause to be a thirty-pound toddler who wants me to “hold you! hold you!” which I always manage to do in a way that is apparently not very ergonomic. Still, I’ve been running only once or twice a week, just to be cautious, while I have continued to explore the DVD workouts that Katie turned me on to. I don’t have a very high opinion of weight loss fads or reality TV, so I have never seen an episode of The Biggest Loser, but to my surprise, I have been enjoying their workouts, especially since they involve exercisers who look like real people. Since I have more options, I’m working out more than three times a week. I’m not sure that I always get the same quality exercise – nothing makes me sweat like a good run – but then again, I have been sore (in a good way) for most of the last two weeks.

This has also led me to try some things that I haven’t done much at all, or not in a long time, like free weights and abs. And push ups. GROAN! I alluded last time to my surprise at these folks doing pushups while balanced on top of stability balls. I was determined to try this during my next workout, but in doing so, I rolled off my ball so fast and so far that I slammed my head and shoulder into the furniture, leaving me with a huge purple, green, and yellow bruise. Even though no one was watching, I felt incredibly embarrassed and demoralized. But later, when the aforementioned toddler saw my “bee-bo,” he had to kiss it. And then he noticed the spider veins behind my knee and had to kiss them too. And while I was pretty glad he stopped observing bee-bos at that point, the kisses almost made my tumble worth it.
Between having a kid and finding out just how bad my cardiovascular genes really are, my big MO for weight loss is cardiovascular health, and both waist circumference and hip-waist ratio are good indicators for that. So when Pam posted her waist-loss challenge, I could not say no. I’m starting out with a 39 inch waist (“healthy” for a Caucasian female is 35″) and a .876 waist-hip ratio (again, “healthy” is .85). This is the first time I have ever taken any measurements, and I don’t feel a lot of confidence that they’ll shrink over the next six weeks. I’m losing an average of .6 pounds per week. Six weeks should net me 3.6 pounds. We’ll see how many inches that translates into. And even though I hop on the scale just about everyday, I’m not planning to measure again until the bitter end. Then again, since I have suddenly started taking steps to build muscle, including my abs, as I start to see progress in those areas, I am sure I’ll be tempted to measure it. 
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2 Responses to Wordywort – See it, do it, kiss it, measure it

  1. wordywort says:

    Does this math work? 3.6 lbs is about 2% of my current weight. If I can lose that in 6 wks, can I lose 2% of my circumference? That’d be about 3/4 inch.

  2. Katie Squires says:

    I am going to say it again…you have truly made the shift the to an active and healthy lifestyle….you are making it fit into your life and become part of it. I am so proud of you.

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